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Degree question


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I've been teaching 3rd grade now for 5 years. I have the opportunity to move to 5th. I have never taught any grade but grade 3. Not sure what to expect as far as pros and cons of both. What I really want to do is go back to school and get my physical education degree. Does anyone know how long that would take? Also, can you take any classes during summer that would go toward the degree? Thanks


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Not sure

In my state you have to go back and get a four year degree in P.E.
Check with you human rsource dept. Also moving to 5th is a big change in the curriculum.


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5th is wonderful

I taught 3rd grade for 7 years before my school closed. I took a 5th grade position at another school and it is the best decision I ever made.
5th graders are

More responsible

Listen Better

Follow rules/directions better

get my jokes

Very little to no tattling (BIG YEA!)

more fun projects for me and them

conversations are so cool

You can ask them whats wrong and they know

They can clean up after themselves

They like to be challenged

They are not teenagers yet and not babies like 3rd graders but still
want a hug and stickers like little kids but want the treatment of an older kid

They like when you know about their favorite music group, tv program, etc. They think you are cool and will do anything to please you most of the time.

They are not afraid to correct you when you make mistakes

They will admit when they are wrong and actually try to figure out how they can improve on what they did

They like to be able to just talk to you and sometimes they want you to be their friend who will listen to what they have to say and not react inappropriately.

They know when you are not feeling well and will tell the others to be quiet or do what she asked you since she doesn't feel well.

They know when you are sad and will just walk us and hug you and tell you it will be ok.

They think of things to do to help their classmates without you asking

5th graders are great!!!!:D


I totally agree with the previous poster. I was switched from 5th to 3rd this year (my district moves teachers around quite frequently). I find 3rd graders to be babies compared to 5th graders. They take things so literally, they tattle non-stop, and don't have the level of independence of 5th graders. Additionally, I like the 5th grade curriculum much better. I would definitely make the move! In fact, I hope to make the move back to 5th myself.