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Demonstration Lesson


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Hi Everyone-
I am currently seeking a new elementary school teaching position (I’m aiming to get a 2nd-3rd grade position). It’s been years since I’ve applied for a teaching position and I was wondering if you would be so kind as to offer any advice about a literacy lesson that would be appropriate for a 2nd-3rd grade class that you have had a positive experience teaching for a demonstration lesson. Or, are there any literacy lessons that you have taught as a regular lesson, or that you know of that you think would be a good idea for a demonstration lesson? I appreciate and thank you in advance for your suggestions.

NJ Teacher

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Strategies That Work

The professional book Strategies That Work by Harvey and Goudavis has many great lessons in it. One of the teachers in our school did a great one on text-to-self connections using the book The Cabin Up North. The children then did a piece of writing on a place that was special to them. The teacher modeled the strategy using post-it notes throughout The Cabin Up North where connections could be made and then shared a piece of her own writing. Good luck in your job search!