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Describing word activities



Does anyone have any creative, hands-on activities that would help my kids learn describing words?

Mrs. M

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Describing Objects

A cute idea is to get some objects together and place each one in a brown paper bag. Divide the class into groups and give each group a bag. Give them time to look in the bag and think of words to tell about their object. (Make a list on chart paper prior to let them know to think of size, color, shape, etc.). After a little while, have the whole class come together and you empty the bags into the middle of the circle. Have one group go at a time and describe their object, taking turns in the group to tell something about their object without giving away what it is. The rest of the class tries to figure out the object from the "clues" (describing words) that were given. An example - a pencil - the children tell that their object is long, it is thin, it is yellow, etc. Good luck!
Another cute one I do in Dec. is have the children design an ornament (if they all celebrate Christmas) and then have them describe it.


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noun/adjective pizzas

One year I had my children make paper "noun pizzas." We brainstormed toppings they like on their pizza and then I had them glue the various shapes on to their pizza. (I had them already cut out--you can adapt as to the level of ability of your class). Then, after lessons on describing words (much like the other post), I gave the kids their pizzas back and asked them to describe each topping. (for example: stringy cheese, spicy pepperoni, green peppers, red sauce, round meatballs, etc.) They had great fun!
Also, similar to the other post, I had the children in four groups. Each group got a bag with a mystery food in it. They had to reach in and feel the food and write describing words without mentioning the food. Then, they read off their descriptions while the other groups tried to guess their food. I used things like cooked spaghetti, marshmallows, broccoli, etc.
Good luck! Have fun!


about the character amanda

i can describe amanda that she she is very friendly she is very humble and vain she is lovable she is tall she is thin and she is robust.



those are some really good tips! my mom is a long term sub for 1st grtaders and she loved the idea. thanks so much!