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Desk Arrangement..

Classroom Management 


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I have mine in groups of four in a T shape. Now that can change dramatically when school starts and I get my kids. I usually have a few kiddos floating around the room by themselves.


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I have my desks in 6 groups of 4 or 5. As long as I don't get any more students I will keep it like this. If I get any more I am going to have to do big groups of around 10. 5 on one side and then 5 on the other side so that they are facing eachother. I would make 3 of those groups and do three long lines in the classroom. This isn't my ideal way to do it but it gives me the most room in the classroom with 30 desks.


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Grouping...but not at first

I love grouping my students, so I always like to organize my desks in groups after getting to know the students first. I have learned over the years that starting out in a U-shaped formation works best for me so that I can see which students work well together and which ones don't. This formation also works well for quick assessment during lessons and for assisting those students who need extra support at first. After the first week or two of school, I change my set-up so that my desks are arranged in small groups with 4-6 students in each group. I then change the groupings every two weeks or so!


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In my 1/2 class the kids have to work independently, so I don't think groups are a good idea. I have them paired, facing the front.


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I have my kids in rows, facing the front. I know it sounds very old-fashioned, but I like to eliminate some of the chances for extra talking. I also feel like it can hurt the kids' necks if they have to constantly turn their heads to face the overhead. (I know I don't like to have to constantly turn my head.) When I need to have my kids discuss something with a partner, they just work with their next-door neighbor. They can also turn their chairs around if I need a group of 3 or 4.

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My class is in two groups of ten. The first four pairs face each other and the last pair at the back of the room faces the front making a capital T shape...This works really well for me because so much of my day is group work. I have enough other space, Horseshoe table, writing center, math center that I can spread them out for assessments.

It is chatty this way, but as long as they are talking about the lesson I think chatter is okay during appropriate work times. After all when was the last time you saw a group of adults at their jobs all doing the same thing but working silently...


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I probably rearranged my room 5 times yesterday and finally decided on a horseshoe. I have 22 kids and had a hard time fitting the desks in groups or rows. Not all of the desks fit in the horseshoe so I put them in the middle. I like it because everyone is facing the same way and I can access all of the desks quickly.


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my desks

I usually start the year in a e format, but I have a smaller class this year so I am considering the groups or the u format. I have changed it three times already. Thanks for your input.


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The first week of school my students sat at desks that were arranged in 2 groups of 11 desks each.
Now that I know my students a bit better I have created 5 groups. The front 2 groups have 4 students facing eachother (they look sideways to my instructional area) and 2 students at the end to create a T. I have 2 groups of 4 in a T shape and then 3 students in the middle in a T shape also.