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Desk Fairy Poem


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I found this poem on another site and added some clip art. I plan to use these, along with stickers or some other treat, to "encourage" students to keep desks neat and clean. I thought others might like to use it too :)
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clean desk

I use something like that that I've had for awhile, but it isn't as CUTE as yours. I think I'll have to switch. Thanks for sharing.

Mrs. R :)

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So cute!

Thanks so much for sharing! I have used the Desk Inspector, but this little Fairy is so cute I may have to switch! Thanks again...:)


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How cool!

Our first day was today and I told my students all about the desk fairy that comes in at night and looks for clean desks. I usually just put a piece of candy in their desks, but this would be SO cute to put in their desks as well! Thanks for letting me "steal" this!:s)


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How cute, I've never seen this. I will use it this year. Thanks for sharing! "SMILE"


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I love using the desk fairy -- my kids try all year long to figure out who leaves them treats and notes -- and finally I beg someone to "admit" they did it (even though it was me!) Haha. Little do they know... Each year it's somebody different at the end of the year and the old classes tell the new classes to see if they can figure it out. It's become a challenge to figure it out before the person reveals. :)


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Love it!

Thanks, I love it! This is cute! I know they might be a little old for this but I'm going to try it with my fourth graders. And obviously I Love fairies! :)



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How cute!

I've used desk inspectors before, too.....but yours is so cute! I am definitely going to use it! Thanks for sharing!

:s) JKB


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Clean Desk Fairy

Here is the poem I use...
The Clean Desk Fairy
Stopped by today.
Your desk was nice and neat!
So as a little note of thanks,
She left this little treat!
I will attach the certificate I made...

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these are great ... i too am anal about having clean desks! i'm definitely going to give this a try this year.


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I've already printed them out so I don't forget =o)
I'll have to make one up to go with my theme of survivor...
thanks again!


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desk fairy

I use the desk fairy too, but my forms aren't as cute. I always like to leave a note to let those who didn't have a clean desk that they need to clean theirs. I love your notes, so I'm printing. I'm not super with computers, but I was able to change the wording to make a set that says:
The Clean Desk Fairy was at your desk last night.
What she found was quite a sight!
Please clean your desk today!

Thanks for sharing


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desk fairy poem

tbsrwilson~could you please tell me how you got the background for your desk fairly poem?

Thanks! :)


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Thanks for sharing

Both poems and certificates are great. Thanks for sharing your hard work with the rest of us...


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Very Cute!

I have a card I give the kids that has the same fairy on it. When I showed my team last year one of the other teachers found a 'BOY' fairy so we would have ones for girls and boys.

The 'boy' fairy is really a little fat man with wings and a wand. I don't know where she found it but it's hilarious!


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Desk Fairy

I hope my second graders love this as much as I do!
Thanks for sharing such a wonderful idea!