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Desperate for your advice!!!!!


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What primary social studies program do you use? I am looking at programs for our district and would appreciate knowing programs that primary teachers are using. I would love to find one that engages the students and is manageable for teachers. Please take a minute to respond either with positive or negative comments about your current social studies program. So gang ... what do you use? Thanks for your time!


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USA Studies Weekly is a great classroom newspaper that my grade level uses. It is interesting, kid-friendly, and comes with assessments & activities that teachers can use. There are several issues depending on your curriculum standards. Plus, it makes for a natural integration with teaching expository text reading.

My grade level chose to use it because the textbooks our district supplies are written on too high a level for the majority of our students to read.


Social Studies

Why do you need a program? Why can't you follow the SCOS and invent lessons based on where they are and where you want them to go.
There are enough wonderful trade books out there to guide you.
Try reading, "If this is social studies, why isn't it boring".


inventing a program

A lot of teachers do not have a lot of time (kids of their own, second jobs, husbands,significant others just to name a few) to "invent" lessons based on the standards. I think its ridiculous to ask that of a teacher. I don't know if that's what you meant, though. Yes using trade books is a terrific way to integrate LA into lessons, but I do not think that you can just use those a as a guide. I think all schools need a SS program that is easy to use for terachers and students.


I Really Need Help!!!

okay i am teaching kids on the impact of daily life..i only am going to explain it to them and i need to know what to say!! i have no clue what to say.I am a student teacher. but i need to know what to say and i need to make a political cartoon about it.Do you have any ideas?