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Desperative Housewives


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Is anyone else annoyed with this show? I used to be a huge fan, but this season has been terrible. Because of all the repeats or weeks with no episodes at all, I am beginning to lose interest. I was glad that tonight's episode was new, until I found out that it is a recap of this season. I am going to have to find something else to watch if this keeps happening. Oops, I meant Desperate Housewives!


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Yeah, I am with you! I didn't watch it last year, but saw most of the reruns this summer. I got hooked, and even at the beginning f the season, I enjoyed it. (It helped me beat the "Sunday Blahs" I get every Sunday night!) Now...it's kinda so-so. I'm hoping for some better episodes soon!
Now I really am hooked on Gray's Anatomy, but it's kinda late for dorky, sleepy me! So, maybe they should switch it with DH!!


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Disappointed too

I'm so with you on this. I am very disappointed with this season. It had potential of being a very good show, but it seems like it's lost its "zest" that it had last season. Now, I'm starting to watch the Sopranos instead of DH because it comes on at the same time and has a lot better plot, which my husband is pleased to see more than DH. We'll see if it gets any better.


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Me, too!

I used to love Desperate Housewives but it seems to ramble on too much. I've been watching The Surreal Life and the Hulk Hogan show on VH-1 - great escapism!:)


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I used to look forward to it every Sunday evening, but lately it's been reruns or not shown at all. Now I just wait until 9:00 to watch Grey's Anatomy.


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This season has been terrible. I haven't liked where the story lines have gone at all and think they should swap it with Grey's Anatomy anyway due to content. I have completely lost interest in it.


I agree with you all about DH. I also think the same thing is happening with Lost. That's much too bad, because I loved Lost's first season. I've watched the Sopranos since the very beginning and it's always been great. They have year-long hiatuses though sometimes. I leave when it gets too violent, but all in all the characters are great! I've never watched Grey's Anatomy but I'm sick of CSI, which was a very cool show in the beginning also. What happened to the Golden Age of 30 minute comedy shows?? I have to sometimes go back to before I was born (or a youngin' or a teenager) to find something decent on TV!! :)


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Desperate for New Shows

Though I feel your pain I am not the one to give up on a good idea. I still look forward to DH but i was disappointed with tonight. I want Gabby to be a great mother but spice it up! What about Brea and her family?

Great show just a little slow right now!