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Detention - April Fool's!


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On a lighter note, I had one last 50 minute 6th grade class to teach today. Kids came RUSHING in, and a few started to beg me to write them up for detention!

I was like, EXCUSE ME? I didn't hear you correctly.

But no, no, they WANTED a fake detention note for an April Fool's joke on their parents. So, okay, I'm easy. But they started crowding around me and I said, "Minimum FIVE! I only have so much time and I can't print masses out on the computer." I got my five sign-ups plus tons more BEGGING me, but I held firm.

I hand wrote five notes (and NOT on official school letterhead) to the respective parents. I made it SO ludicrous that (hopefully) no parent will come charging in next week full of venom.

I made the punishments over the top. "Your child will be suspended for the next month."

On each note, after I signed, "regretfully yours, Ms. M. sub for Mr. C" I added, "for more information, please see opposite side" where I wrote "April Fool's!"

The crimes were also over the top. One boy purportedly had brought a poisionous snake to school and it had bitten the janitor and the janitor died. Another boy (6th grade) had been caught driving the principal's car at lunch. And so on.

I made SURE to tell each of those students to assure their parents that it was a JOKE! I sure as heck hope all the parents are as cool as I am! I'd love to get a note like that for my daughter. But that's just me. Do you think I am terrible?


April Fool's joke

ha, ha, ha!!!

I don't think you're terrible, just braver than I am! I would never have the nerve to do something like that - even if I was their regular teacher!

I go home each night reliving my day at school wondering if I said anything or did anything that might come back to bite me :-) Guess there's too much potential for being misunderstood nowadays...


Mrs C

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Hope you don't get in dutch with administration for doing that. They generally don't have much of a sense of humor.


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As a full time teacher, I wouldn't dare to send that home to my parents! Granted, my kiddos are in second grade, but I still would never try it!


april fools detention

My 7th grade daughter brought one of those home - but it was "signed" by her teacher and it said she had skipped class. (it was a form)

She was practically choking on her face trying not to laugh and I was baffled, not realizing the date. Plus she gave it to me on March 31.

My daughter wouldn't know HOW to skip class - plus the class she had allegedly skipped was a double period first thing in the morning.

After which I went to wash my hands in the kitchen sink and found the rest of her gag - a taped up sprayer. I was soaked.


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To my detriment in my 53 years of life on this planet, I have often taken the humor road.
I have been on the board my local education foundation forever and once, when we were having our annual fundraiser, just for fun, I hired an Elvis impresonator to crash the party!
Well. despite the fact that this was a Casino Night and liberal booze to boot, some members of my foundation got their panties in a bunch and looked like they had sucked on lemons.

Well, that was them. MOST people just thought the whole thing was hilarious and that "Elvis" added to the party.

The board members who were so uptight have since resigned. We have a much more fun and fluid group of people. AND we raise much more money for the schools now than in those days.

Thanks, Victortag! I made each of the "letters" so out there that the parents would have to be complete dolts not to get the joke! PLUS I made sure that I checked in with each kid so that they would tell their parents it was totally a JOKE!

Now - I can understand SECOND GRADE. I would not try it there! But this was different. It was fun. And by the way, the teachers and principal thought it was fun too.

I KNEW it was something going on in other classes as well, when so many students rushed me after lunch to write them up!

My only regret is that MY 7th grader did not have any AF Joke for me. Ah, but there is next year...


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Funny ...

As a first-year sub, I was just soooooo happy to have April Fool's Day OFF this year!!! Some kids don't need a holiday to prank the sub! ;)