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Dick King- Smith Author Study



Hi All,

I am planning an author study on Dick King-Smith in a couple of weeks. I have quite a few books of his in my possession. Does anyone have any ideas that will keep the kids motivated while reading? Any fun activities or projects? Here are some of the titles I have: Babe, Ace, The Cuckoo Child, Pigs MIght Fly, Billy the Bird, Mr. Ape...I have more but here's a start. ANy ideas on Literature Circles or Guided Reading...Book Talks..? Just anything you have would be great.



Senior Member
I think you could have the kids create 3-d scenes of the setting. I like Dick King Smith too! I picked up several titles from a Scholastic Warehouse sale last summer and read them to my daughter and son sometimes. We read The Terrible Trins. We have the VHS tape of Babe. Santa once gave my daughter a talking/walking Babe toy. Love that movie!