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Did you buy your own easel?


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Hi! I've been looking at classroom pictures and I've noticed that many posters have teacher easels (the kind with big book storage and drawers). Did you buy it yourself? or did your school provide it? They are sooooooooo expensive!


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The school that I was at last year provided them for each teacher. The school that I was hired at this year does not have easels, so if I wanted one (which I do!) I'd have to buy it (which I can't...). Boo!


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I asked for one when I moved to my school 5 years ago. I <!--lovestruck--> it!

I wouldn't purchase one, that is the kind of thing the school should definitely be buying for you.


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I am, well I should say my dad is as I am supervising, in the middle of making one. Not including time and effort it will have cost me $40 to make and will be well worth the money! I will post pictures when it is completed.


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precOciOus - great idea! My husband makes alot of things for me to use in the classroom - one of the best things were steps to put infront of my smart board. I teach 1st and some of the students were too small to reach the important middle and top of the screen. These steps are very sturdy and are carpeted. And SO much cheaper than buying from a school supply cataloug.


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When we were a Reading First school, I was told that every class should have one so the reading coach ordered it for me.


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I have an easel that I bought myself. I didn't mind because I found it on Craigslist for $10.00. It is metal w/ a dry erase board top that is magnetic. I have priced them online and they sell for over $200. <!--eyebrow--> The girl I bought it from didn't even know it was magnetic until I asked. She was going to school to be a teacher, but needed the money and was tired of it taking up space.

It is kind of like this... but a little bigger. It is also more of a tan color and has a lip at the bottom to hold markers.
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