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Differentiating for Bright Students


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I'm looking for ideas to differentiate for a very bright student that I have in my third grade class. Specifically, I'm trying to figure out what to do during reading centers, while I am working with my small groups, that will keep him challenged after he has completed the center activities. He usually finishes the work fairly quickly and accurately, so I need activities that will really stimulate his interest and keep him engaged independently so that I can be with the less able students. He is ADD, but not on meds, so if he is not constantly busy, he's getting himself into trouble by making inappropriate choices. Thanks for your help.


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INdependent book projects

Maybe you could assign him a harder level book to read. After each chapter have different hands on activities for him to choose from to portray his learning of each chapter. Examples, make a book mark, make a mobile, write a letter to the main character, write a summary, draw a picture of this chapter. Extend his thinking and give him appropriate level materials. This should keep him engaged and interested in learning.:)