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digital cameras



Hi...I'm finally moving up from a steady stream of disposable cameras & cell phone pictures to a digital camera (or at least thinking about it!) I don't know much about them, but I kinda know that I want at least 5 MP..I'd also like one that plugs directly into a printer...I don't wanna spend a LOT (although, who does?)
What brands, etc. have you all used? Any advice would be welcomed! Thanks!



We got a Toshiba digital camera about 4 years ago. Although it's never broken or needed repair, it doesn't take the best pictures. It's supposed to be a good quality camera, too. I wouldn't recommend it.

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I've had three. . .

I've had three digital cameras.

My first was a "media-less" camera that stored the pictures on the camera itself, and the camera plugged into the computer to download pictures and I had to print them from the computer. . . only it never bothered to mention that it ATE batteries and if the batteries died or you replaced them before they died, it erased all the pictures on the camera, too! I keep it at work and the kids play with it some.

My second was a Polaroid with a media card. It had adjustable settings, but I didn't think it took the greatest photos.

My current camera is an hp PhotoSmart. It uses a media card--which also happens to be the same one that my Pocket PC uses. It also has lots of adjustments, including zoom and video. It's only 3.2 MP, though. At the time I bought it, the higher ones weren't readily available. I also bought an hp PhotoPrinter. My all-in-one printer is also an hp, and it has the media card slots, too. They work well together.

You're welcome to see some of them on my photoalbum. Most all of them were taken with my hp camera.


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Digital camera

I have a Kodak Easy Share CX4300 3.2 mega pixels camera and it is great for me. I also bought the Kodak docking station which came with a rechargable battery. This is real convienent to recharge. I just place it on my docking station while I am down loading pictures and it automatically recharges it for me. To download pictures, all I have to do is press a button. This camera is very easy to use and costed me around $125.00 and the docking station was $79.00.


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I really like my Canon camera. It is easy to use, plus you can add lens to it. I just got our PTO to buy five for our school!



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Kodak Easyshare

I also had the easyshare and I hated it. I took it with me on a trip overseas and the batteries kept dying and I had no warning - so, needless to say, my pix from that trip weren't great. It's a 3.2 and the quality wasn't good enough for what I wanted.

The poster above mentioned a rechargeable battery - if you only want something simple - I would recommend this camera, but definitely make sure you get the battery problem solved. It was a pain!

I have a Sony Cybershot now. It's pricey, but WELL worth it. However, I am very into photography and love taking pictures and creating with them. If you want the quality, you are going to have to pay.

I would say for a 5mp - I'd guess an average of 300.00 depending on other features, etc.


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Hi Meg, I like my Olympus 3.2MP because its so easy to use, and with the accompanying editing software you get great pictures. I was also able to get PTO to buy the supplies after they saw the pictures.


Got two

We have a Nikon Coolpix 885- all those are great and give you wonderful pictures. However, they have all the bells and whistles, take some time to get comfortable with, and are rather salty...around $600-800. That was my husband's pick.
For my classroom I have a Kodak Easyshare with 3.2 pix. It is soooooo easy to use and print. It plugs into your computer though, not the printer, but I promise, EASY to use. You can get pictures in only 2 or 3 mouse clicks. But like the other posters say, you really want the battery docking station to recharge.


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Sony Digital Camera

I just bought a new digital camera last week! It is a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-H1. It has 5MP, and 12x optical zoom! It is a little larger than a lot of the digital cameras that are available because of the large optical zoom. (This is like the zoom on a 35mm camera). I did splurge on it...actually I told my husband he could just consider it my Christmas present. At Best Buy, it was priced $499, not including tax. However, I found it on amazon.com for $429.94 (and there was no tax and no shipping charges)! I was also able to buy my 1GB Memory Stick (you can plug this directly into a printer), an extra set of rechargeable batteries, and a leather carrying case for much cheaper than at any local store. I would suggest doing your homework on digital cameras before you invest in one...talk to some dealers at your local retailers and read about them on the Internet. You will need to decide...Is size important to you? Do you want a really slim and small one that will fit into your pocket? Do you want one that has a lot of optical zoom? Most of the really small cameras only have 3x optical zoom. Also, I would make sure it uses rechargeable batteries. My last digital camera didn't, and I have invested a small fortune in Duracell!!