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digital publishing

Language Arts | Writing 


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Do any of you have some good ways to teach the standard "using digital tools to produce and publish writing"? We have a computer lab, but I am not the computer teacher, and a few class ipads available.


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Some thoughts and ideas

I don't know if your reaction was like mine. When I first read the standards, I remember that I started to hyperventilate, but after I looked more closely, I felt better.

First, my kindergarten students are not doing it on entirely on their own-it is with ""With guidance and support from adults." Phew!

Second, in kindergarten we know that student writing isn't just writing. It is a combination of drawing, dictating and writing.

Keeping both those things in mind, I could breathe a little easier. We have three student iPads and 1 teacher computer/Smartboard/Hovercam.

You can do shared writing activities on the Smartboard. Teach your students how to get Google Images under your guidance. Then have them pick a picture to display on the Smartboard and have the students label-use the Smart pens to write on the Smartboard. You can do informational reports together. We created a powerpoint about our school to send to another k class across the country. We took photos with the iPads which I sent to my e-mail and saved on my computer. Then we picked which photos to use in the powerpoint. We came up with sentences and questions.

Do you have any students who entered K already comfortable with the iPad? Make them your "experts." Show them how to do whatever activity you plan first and have them practice. Then do the lesson with the whole group. You model. Have the students split into groups. Have your experts model. Then have the rest of the students try it. Experts work with them and give them feedback. Then make it a simple assignment. e.g. Start out simple-draw and name. Draw yourself and write your name underneath. Students can work on the iPads during free-choice centers and during Daily 5. If they need help, they can ask the experts if you are working with other students.

What apps do you have on your iPads?

  • Tell About app-students are given a picture prompt and orally tell about it. You can add your own pictures. For your advanced student, you can use the Write About app. Similar to the first app, but they write.
  • Doodle Buddy app-students can draw and label.
  • Telligami app-students create an avatar and can record or type in the words/pick voice to read it. Last year, my colleague had her students do reports for Earth Day. They used Telligami to create gamis. Then she put the gamis together using iMovie.
  • Book Creator
  • Sock Puppets or Puppet Pals-students could write book review and then use puppet to present it.
  • Voice Thread is another option. Students take photo of their writing and then can add audio. You put them together in a voice thread. It can be private where you can invite people to comment.

I can't wait to see what other ideas K teachers share. I am always looking for new ways.

Here are some resources you might find helpful:





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Hard to have a digit standard without technology! We are lucky it have 25 iPads to share with two classes. We love the app educreations because kids can write, draw, and type but they need to record to save it. You. An share with parents too. Check it out!


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Educreations is a great tool for teachers, too. You can make tutorials for parents to explain you are doing things in class. Either e-mail directly to parent(s) or post link on your website.