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Dinner idea needed


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I have a group of fellow teachers coming by Thursday night for "Social Hour". I want something to make for dinner that can either go in the crock pot or be heated up when I get home from work which will only be about an hour before anyone arrives. I should mention it should be something easily eaten on a paper plate....
Thanks in advance! This site always gives me the best ideas


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I love making chili for company in the crockpot.

I just throw in some onions, browned ground meat, can of chili starter, can of mushrooms, can of beans, and a can or two of Mexican tomatoes. A lot of times I mix it up the night before, and put it in the crockpot before work.

Very easy and I've gotten a lot of compliments.


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another suggestion

Not really answering your question but --
a bunch of teachers did a progressive dinner... started with appetizers and drinks at one house, went to the next house for soup and salad, then another house for dinner, and finally another house for dessert! So much fun!!!!!


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How about

Shredded chicken sandwiches or sloppy joes.

You could also throw in a beef roast and shredd it for BBQ beef sandwiches. Pork also works well.


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Short Ribs

My college roommate used to make short ribs in a crock pot. Put in ribs, drown in bbq sauce, cook while gone. (I believe they were beef, boneless, short ribs.) Delicious!
Sides could be made ahead coleslaw, potato salad, green salad, hearty whole grain bread (wrapped in foil & heated before serving).

Other suggestions: Taco bar (with meat cooked in crock pot) & sides prepared in advance (pico de gallo keeps well); Falafel (Fried Chickpea Patties or Balls); Chili spaghetti with side salad & garlic bread (make chili in crockpot, pour over pasta & served on paper plates)

If you're using paper plates, get the good ones that won't bend or leak. :)


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You can make a ziti or lasagna. Prep it early and pop it in oven before everyone arrives. Have a tossed salad and a fruit platter. Yummy!