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Dirty Districts


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I was told at my latest interview (for a long-term sub elementary position) that I'd make $15 more than daily subs right from the beginning, and after 40 days, the pay rate would usually jump to the next level. But the Board of Education won't allow that to happen (in so many words) so on the 40th day, she'd put me in another assignment in the school. So then that following day would be Day 1 again and I'd stay at the same rate I started with.

I didn't get this job but, isn't that like, illegal? Wow...I mean, wow. I'm at a loss for words. (I just have this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach is all....)


I've heard of that before

It does't seem ethical though does it? I wonder if this happens with temps in the business world.

oldie but a

substitute teacher for 7 years by choice

It happens all the time.