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Disney Oceans



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I was wondering if anyone has seen Disney Oceans movie or have taken the kids on a field trip to see it? If so, I would love to hear your opinion of it!

We took all our 2nd graders yesterday and were very surprised/diappointed. I feel the advertising din't exactly match up to what the movie actually was. My fellow teachers felt the movie should have been titled FOOD CHAIN! Every other scene was a sea creature being eaten by another animal. So many kids were closing their eyes and expressed that they did not like the movie. Others were so bored they fell asleep. We are expecting calls from parents once the kids go home and share the content.

Don't get me wrong, there were beautiful clips of many unique sea creatures. But, I don't feel that this movie should be marketed for young children to watch! The Disney channel has been marketing it for weeks with the Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato video. I'm very disppointed with Disney!

I would not recommend this movie for young children.


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We're taking our second graders next week. I work in a rather conservative district, so I'm anticipating I'll have a lot of damage control to do next week.

Atleast we're also taking them to the park. That's a big deal to kids who don't have a playground at their school! That might save us!


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Just took my

second grade class this week, too. I personally felt the same way as the first poster. No one complained ..it was almost too boring to be frightening. I could barely stay awake and was glad to see it come to an end.


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I agree. Personally, I liked the film but for my 2nd graders (we went on Earth Day) it was a little long. I thought as a Disney film, they would make it more kid friendly and have more cute animals and maybe even have the animals "talk".
I thought it was a waste of a field trip.


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We took our 3rd and 4th graders this week. It was quite boring. Most of us were fighting to stay awake and the kids kept wanting to go out to the bathrooms.


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Too bad

That is very sad that the movie was disappointing. I thought the movie would have been great for second graders. I would also love to show my students the Life series on Discovery being narrated by Oprah Winfrey. It would relate to our unit on animal groups, but the problem is they spend so much time discussing the reproductive part of the groups that I feel it wouldn't be appropriate. But if you get a chance to see them they are beautifully done. Very interesting to me!!!