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Display of student work


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I found this picture on the web of a way to display student work. My question--how do you think the background was done? I would like to "copy" the idea but I'm not sure now to get the diamonds for the areas/contrasting color background.
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Could it have

been a complete black background. Then white/beige construction paper cut into squared and stapled up to look like diamonds. A space was left between each one for a "border" look.

It is a cute board.


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I would guess the teacher used the large construction paper and cut it into the biggest square she could (12X12?) and then shifted it sideways and hung it in the diamond shape. Does that even make sense??

ZacMan's Mom

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yes - that does make sense. I'm wondering if it is construction paper, or if 12x12 scrapbook paper was used. It really is cute - I love the quilt look. I'm thinking red and green would be darling to display students Christmas artwork.