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Do you get Veterans Day off?


desert flower

Senior Member
Just a PT poll! As a child I ALWAYS got this day off. My mom (teacher) always went Christmas shopping on that day. Here, it is unheard of and my coworkers think it's super weird that kids would be given the day off of school for it. We always do an assembly at school on the day and of course people think that does a better job of honoring veterans than just giving people a day off. So, what happens in your area?

We do get the full week for Thanksgiving here, whereas in my hometown it's typically Wednesday-Friday only. So I guess it evens out! For travelling, like I have to do, getting the full week is easier, but if that weren't a factor I'd rather have more random days off.
We got Thursday off in observance of Veterans Day on Friday. (We don't have school on Friday.) This is the second year we get the whole week of Thanksgiving off.