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Do you have any hopes for this?


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I hope they'll add like and laughing options with their new set up. Sometimes I'll read something hilarious or that I totally agree with, but do not have time to reply. I asked about it one other time, but they said it was not the direction of PT. I think it was because they preferred, we comment. IDK..
Do you have any ideas that would make this PT more fun? It sounds like they have new ideas.

ProTeacher Community Members:

In the weeks ahead, the ProTeacher website will be receiving a significant update. This will involve a transition to new software and hardware. This will be an unfolding change and parts of the website might be removed and/or become unavailable at times. There will be areas and aspects to the website that remain inaccessible or incomplete until the development process is finished much like what occurs during a major home renovation.

To continue that ‘home renovation’ analogy, we are renovating the ProTeacher website down to the foundation, but with your support the foundation will remain. Some familiar features will change, and we do realize that the process might be unsettling, especially because this will be the biggest change to the website since 2005. There will be new things for everyone to learn and get accustomed to!

Finally, please know that this change is unavoidable. We considered maintaining the website as-is to remain familiar to long-time members, but that has become unworkable. The time has come to say goodbye to our old software and start anew.

When the process is complete, we hope that you will feel at home in our new surroundings. Soon, we will be seeking your feedback; and we will be helping members who found themselves locked out and unable to sign in.

Please wish us luck in this complex endeavor. Thank you for being a member of the ProTeacher Community!


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I love the PT community and happy to see it continuing!

I often wish for a "care" button to push.


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New and improved PT

I believe it will be good. Interesting how long it took from the website being “fixed” to “we’re updating the software”. I suspect some other folks are in charge now.

I go back and forth with “like” button. I really do like the actual responses.

As a retiree, I would like to see a “Sages” board….where we older teachers can mentor younger ones.

For those in the trenches, I think some curriculum specific boards could be useful.

Looking forward to the changes.


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I'm going to remain positive because what I put out in the atmosphere is what will be. Change has to come, so I'll go with the flow.


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It’s time for an update. Technology has evolved so much since 2005. I lam forward to it.
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I would love a reaction button to both original posts and responses. Agree that a ton of " me too!" Isn't particularly interesting or helpful to read, but a simple reaction button shows some level of support for people. Or, I have the same basic answer/ thought as a previous poster, so I could " like" theirs instead of repeating it or not responding at all.

However, that may be too Facebook like for the hosts/ owners??


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For those in the trenches, I think some curriculum specific boards could be useful.

This is how I stumbled upon PT years ago. My school switched to Reading Wonders and I desperately was looking for any information or help. I found so much more here at PT <!--lovestruck-->

I’m looking forward to updates. I would also appreciate a “like” or thumbs up button. Sometimes I don’t have time or many words to contribute but I do want to show that I read the post and agree.


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Yes, I do have high hopes for it.

I'm excited for it because it was making me sad that PT seemed to be going away until recently.

I'm nervous because we don't know what to expect.

I'm curious about how long it's going to be down where we can't use PT at all.

There.... that's some of my emotions about it. :D


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I am excited because i have been worried that this was just going to stop working one day.

I am hopeful that other PTers come back. I miss reading some of their posts. I post a lot on one board, but mainly read posts on other boards. I hope it continues to be a place to share, get advice, ask questions, find encouragement... I have learned a lot of interesting thing-both on a profession and on a personal level. It is one way I feel connected to other people. I hope that others will find their way here, too.

I am nervous that it will change so much that I won't recognize it.