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Do You Know How to Make this ornament?


New Member
Reindeer ornament--
I think you use a very small clay pot, put a bell inside, then decorate it like a reindeer with pipe cleaner antlers?

Am I missing something? This is for 5th grade and maybe it's too babyish?

Thanks for your ideas and thoughts!


Senior Member
I have made deer out of burn out light bulbs.

1. paint a light bulb solid brown
2. as it is laying on its side, glue (with hot glue) a piece of gold string for the hanger. (when you pick it up with the string/hanger it should be hanging in an anble and resemble a deer head)
3. Go outside and spray each with a coat of clear paint to seal the paint ( I spray the bulbs and have each student to hold thier deer to let it dry.)
4. glue a red pompom for its nose
5. cut brown ears out of a piece of brown foam (like a felt square) and glue on.
6. then take 1 brown pipe cleaner and cut it in half, then take one piece and cut in half again. Take the small pieces and wrap them around each end of the long piece for antlers. Then glue it on right behind the ears (this also helps the ears to stand up.) The hanger should be right behind the antlers and ears.
7. Glue on 2 squiggly eyes

Now you should have a deer head.

I hope this was not to confusing.