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Does anyone have a checklist for disability vs. language difference (for ELs)


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We're looking for something for our MTSS (RtI) team to use when we're discussing possible sped referral for English Learner students. In my previous schools I felt it was easy to spot the kids that should be referred because those populations were something like 90% EL. We had a large sample size of students with similar backgrounds to compare to and it was easy to see who was really behind with that sample of kids with similar language experiences. My current school is only about 15% EL and very, very few of those are kids that are showing up day 1 with literally no English. Does anyone have some sort of checklist of considerations or other documentation that you use that you could share with me?


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Just curious if you found one or put anything together. I am trying to work on a form to take to our student intervention team meetings to help put everything in perspective that we have on a child so that it makes the process easier. Would be happy to share when it gets done. Have you found anything or put anything together? I am looking at this from the ESL side, not the SPED side!