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Does anyone teach A BEKA?

Mrs. O

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I was wondering if anyone else taught from the A BEKA curriculium? I am also curious about how your daily schedule goes? Do you add to it? What do you think of the curriculium itself? I would just love to hear your views.

My day goes something like this:
8:10 Children come in a prepare for the day They start on their daily journals, and have some time to visit quietly before we get started.
8:20 Pledges and prayer
8:30 Calendar area
8:45 Bible (God's Choices)
9:15 Break
9:30 Review Phonics Charts
9:45 Review Phonics lesson and assign worksheet along with handwriting page ( I let the students pick a side and do the other the next day.) They also do the front of their Math paper for the day.
10:15 Start meeting with Reading groups, unless we are doing a group lesson. When the children finish their seatwork, they may read for AR or on some day go choose and independent center.
11:00 Lunch and recess
12:00 Teacher read aloud and those who need time to finish seatwork can do that.
12:15 Break
12:30 Math review and finish the back side together.
1:00 English (Shurley Method)
1:30 Spelling
1:45 Science or Social Studies ( my choice and I usually focus on units that we developed as a staff for each grade level)
2:15 Finish work time and this is the time that is given to work around our daily activities (P.E., Art, Music, Computers, and Library)
3:00 Prepare to go home
3:15 dismiss Parent Pick-up
3:30 Take others to extended care

Thank you in advance for sharing your day.

Carrie in WV

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I forget about this board...

Sorry that your post went unanswered...

I teach with ABeka Curriculum, except our Bible curriculum is ACSI. I teach 5th grade. Our school day starts at 8:15 and ends at 3:05. Here is my schedule:

8:00-8:15 Students arrive
8:15-8:30 Students begin seatwork; attendance; lunch money taken; flag duty (my 5th graders put up school flag outside); announcements, flag pledges, prayer, etc.
8:45-9:05 Bible
9:05-9:20 Spelling (I do not like ABeka spelling!!! The words are ridiculously hard)
9:20-10:00 Math
10:00-10:15 Snack
10:15-10:30 Penmanship (I don't do this every day!)
10:30-11:00 Reading
11:00-11:20 PE (I teach them myself; no PE teacher)
11:20-11:30 Language
12:00-12:10 Get ready for lunch
12:10-12:40 Lunch
12:40-12:45 Bathroom break
12:45-1:00 Independent reading
1:00-1:20 Recess
1:20-1:50 Music/art
1:55-2:30 History
2:30-3:00 Science
I do not teach science to my kids, I leave the room and go up to the high school/middle school and go teach PE. I'm not through in the secondary until 3:15. My kiddos are all gone in 5th grade by the time I get back. This is my least favorite thing in my job!



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New to Abeka

Hi!! I was just hired as a 2nd grade teacher at a local christian school.
I am new to teaching and am very excited. I will be using the ABeka Curriculum and was wondering if anyone had any feedback on the curriculum, or any helpful info that a new
2nd grade teacher could use.

Thanks :)

Mrs. O

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How funny that we have the same avatar....Anyway, I love second grade A BEKA for the most part. I think there are always things you would like to change if you could, but overall I am very happy with what I teach.

Is this your first year to teach?
I would love to hear more from you when you get into your own classroom. Until then, if you have any specific questions I would be happy to help answer if I can.



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New to 2nd grade

This is my first year teaching. I am so excited. I have gotten to meet the teacher who is leaving and she gave me lots of great advice on routine and classroom schedule, also on how to set things up. She has a racing theme in the classroom with checkerd valances. Each kid gets 4 incentive mini tires. If they lose one lose a few minutes from recess... and the list goes on. I have been hitting up the dollar stores recently. You can find great stuff for little or nothing. Any advice you have I would greatly appreciate it. I can use all the help I can get and am so elated for the opportunity to teach.


Mrs. O

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I am so happy for you. I think you are going to love teaching in a Christian school. There are so many blessings from working with other believers. The kids and families are generally great. Definately start getting a few things together over the summer. The racing theme sounds cute. If you buy reproducible books, I think you should look in the 3rd grade level. I think early elementary is about a year ahead of the average public school and where the grade level on books indicate.

One thing I would suggest you add to your curriculium (sp?) is creative writing. They do not have any opportunity to do this with the regular curriculium.

Also hit the garage sales and thrift stores for cheap books to add to your classroom library.

I would love to hear where you are at, but I would understand if you had rather not give out that information. I am in Oklahoma City, OK.


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I have been getting supplies together have lots of stickers, tissues , hand sanitizer, baskets and a marble jar. I am in Lynchburg,Virginia about 60 minutes from Thomas Jefferson's home in Charlottesville,Va. Somewhat rural except for all of the college kids. The summers are great however we are surrounded by 4 big colleges and come fall the town is hoppin. I have found dollar tree to be so helpful. I was able to get lots of stuff in their "Teacher's Corner". I am so excited for what the Lord is going to do next year. Do you like using the Abeka curriculum? If you have any pointers for a beginner teacher please send them my way. We are getting brand new Abeka curriculum for the fall so that is exciting.

Thanks for all your help


Mrs. O

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My biggest tip for you for this summer is to go over the charts and make sure you know exactly how to say the Phonics sounds and how to isolate the sound them in words. You may also need to get used to the rules for marking words.

I love teaching with Abeka for the most part. Some concepts seem odd to teach to that grade level, but I think mainly it is to introduce it to some and other who are ready are challenged. Mostly it is math and concepts like missing addends. After practice most of them get it, it is just sometimes difficult to get all of your kids there.

We do everything Abeka except Language and Bible. I use Shurley Method for Language. Which I do not really care for much, but it is impressive when my students can classify and diagram a simple sentence using there Question and Answer flow. Bible is Biblical Choices which is okay, but some of the activities are too easy compared with the other things they are doing. I prefer Abeka Bible because of the story cards, but they tend to not have extra activities when I used it several years ago.

For reading, I do a mixture of class reading, small group reading, and individual reading. In class reading, I am focusing on comprehension and following along with the text. In small group (ability grouped) I work on fluency. Individual reading I track and work on problems with that child.

I will tell you one thing. Some days it seems tough to get everything in and covered. Remember, tomorrow is another opportunity so if you have to skip something every now and then, you will have a chance to make up the next day.

First year is tough. It is a learning year, so keep that in mind if you begin to feel overwhelmed. Second grade is a good year to do your first year of teaching because for the most part second is a review of first and the childrens year to fine tune reading, math and writing skills before transferring from learning to read and do the basics to using the basics to learn like they will do beginning in third grade.

Virgina sounds wonderful. I would think you could take some really good history field trips. I have always wanted to visit those southern states.

Next year I will have about 12 in my class. Our class sizes are generally 15 to 17 with a cap of 18. What is your estimated class size? Is there going to be another teacher with the same grade level? We are small and only have one class per grade.

I will talk with you soon.


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Class Size

The estimated enrollment puts between 15 and 20 students in my class next year. This year there were about 17 in each 2nd grade class. There will be one other 2nd grade teacher besides myself. I will try to rest some this summer but my mind is spinning with ideas and with all of the things I need to get done. Love Virginia, Tennesse is also so beautiful.

Maria T

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Religion Teacher

Hi! I was hired as religion teacher for regular elementary school and learning disabilities elementary for next school year. I believe this school uses regular Sunday School material for their Bible (religion) class. Are there any suggestions of Bible curriculums proved to be good?

Mrs. O

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Wow, a religion teacher at a regular school sounds interesting? Do you have to cover other religions besides Christianity? I have taught from ACSI Bible, A Beka and from Biblical Choices. They all have their pros and cons. I can't really say I prefer one over the other, but I like Biblical Choices which we are teaching now at our school. I also use some of the A Beka material with my Moses study in second grade because of the pictures.


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I will be teaching a combined 3rd and 4th grade class this year in a Christian school. This is my 3rd year at this school but I was doing remedial teaching with students using the A.C.E. curriculum. This year they have asked me to teach ABeka. I know nothing about this curriculum. I basically know nothing about doing lesson plans or anything. I did not have to do that with teaching the other curriculum. I could use any suggestions you may have. I don't have a schedule, supplies, no bulletin board materials or anything!! I haven't had to grade a paper. It's ALL NEW!! HELP

Mrs. O

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Hello, plum. Welcome to this site and teaching. Are you teaching all ABEKA? What state are you from? (just curious)
A split is challenging, but it can be very rewarding for the kids who get to hear and review of last year and those who get a preview of the next grade. I have seen other posts about 3/4 splits on here. I have taught 1/2 splits twice and it was a lot of fun.

First of all, ABEKA teacher guides are very straightforward and will walk you through each curriculium. If I were you, I would get those and go through them to see where I could combine the classes. You can also look at the ABEKA website http://www.abeka.com/ to see the scope and sequence to see what basic kills you will be teaching. When I was in 1/2, I would teach Phonics at the same time and cover both levels of concepts and then assign the worksheets that went with the lesson. I would also get them started on seatwork and then pull one class, small groups, or individuals when needed. When I would assign seatwork I would give them several things to do to keep them on task while I was working with others. I would write it on the board for them to refer to:

Phonics page___
Writing page___
Math page ___
Read pages ____
Copy Spelling words ____

You could also add some things like journal writing, drawing and coloring pictures that related to you Bible, Science, or Social Studies ect.

For the grading, when you can, have the children correct their papers in class as review. You do not need to take an actual grade on every paper. My school likes to have just one or two grades from daily work along with the test grades each week. In the lower grades, ABEKA does not recommend taking grades on seatwork, but I have to take some grades anyway. I usually grade the paper that is done the day before the test.

Another thing you need to consider is classroom managment. For my experience ACE kids are pretty much by themselves unless they have a question, but in the class they are interacting much more with their classmates. I use the Honorable Character system http://www.honorablecharacter.com/ and I really like it.

I would love to answer any other questions you may have. May God bless you in your new and exciting year. :s)


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Thanks so much Mrs. O! I am live in the state of Virginia but I teach in N.C. I am pretty close to the border.

From what I understand this is going to be a very small class I may only have 1 4th grader and 3-4 3rd graders so that will help alot being my first year and everything.

I do know that the 4th grade math takes a leap from 3rd grade so I don't believe I could combine that particular subject, but it might be possible to do so with some of the other one's.

Not sure how grammar works either if they are covering some of the same things or not.

You have given me wonderful suggestions and I appreciate it so much. I am going over to the school on Thursday to pick up the teacher guides and talk with the teacher who was teaching these grades the past 4 years. She has been moved to a higher level of teaching. I am sure she will have some insight as well.

Any suggestions on bulletin board ideas? There are 4 in this room and two of them are REALLY BIG!!! WHEW!!

Mrs. O

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Wow, such a small class. I think that would be wonderful. If I only had one or two in a grade, I wouldn't worry too much about combining. I would get my fourth grader going on something, do a class with the third graders, then work with the fourth grader.

Are you going to use a theme for the year? I am using bees this year.I have the following in my class:

Welcome Board outside Buzz On In
Honorable Character Beeing Honorable
Helper Board Helping Our Hive Thrive
Reading (AR) No title, but bee related
Bible Jesus life reviewin the first semester and Moses in the second semester
Science or Social Studies Whatever we are doing that month.
Calendar area for moring meeting takes up one bulletin board.


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Abeka Curriculum

Hi I am Mrs. C a new 2nd grade teacher. I will have 20 students this year and actually have a large class to teach Abeka to. Do you have any advice on teaching the curriculum? I am a bit overwhelmed our school is full this year. God is good though. I would appreciate any advice.

Mandi C. 2nd grade
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Went today to the school to get all of the books, teacher guides, etc.... There is soooo much to read and take in. I am feeling overhwhelmed. My friend told me that if I try and follow that curriculum to the "T" then I am going to drive myself crazy. Is that true?

Mrs. O

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Yes, it is a very fast paced curricuillum. I modify it to fit my class. For the most part, you can cover what the children will be practicing on their worksheets and maybe do a little more if time permits. I think in second grade your focus should be math and getting the kids reading fluently with expression and comprehension. In third, the curriculium takes a pretty big leap and the children are learning to be more independent. They tell me that fourth is another pretty big leap too, but not as much as from second to third. I feel like second is pretty much a repeat of first with a few more concepts added.

I go from the curriculium guides when I can, but I adjusted the schedule to fit us and our day. My main focus is always phonics, reading, and math. The other stuff comes most days, but it is able to be put off if need be.

With your class being a little smaller, you may find that you have time to cover everything or that you really don't need to do so because your kids get the concept already.

Just take everything a little at a time, and try not to get overwhelmed. You are going to do a great job!:s)

Ms. E

Hi Mrs. O. I just found this wedsite through a fellow teacher and I am loving it. I also teach 2nd grade at a christian school in Oklahoma City using A BEKA. I really enjoyed reading all of your advice. This will be my 2nd year teaching and I absolutely love 2nd grade. I also add creative writing to my day. Last year when we started at the beginning of the year they would write short little stories consisting of 5-6 sentences and then by the end of the year they were writing comic books at home and bringing them to me to show me. I was so excited to she them grow. I feel so blessed to be teaching in a christian school and I am anticipating a great year. I have 9 students so far. We start on Aug. 15th. God Bless, Ms. E

Mrs. O

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Ms. E,

I would love to know where you are teaching, if you are willing to share. I am at Life Christian Academy. Today was our first day back for the teachers, and we will start the 15th as well. I love this site too.:s)

Mrs. J

Hello! I just ran across your posting. I am also teaching a 3/4 split this year for the first time. I taught 3rd last year and we use mostly ABeka, so at least I know the 3rd grade curriculum pretty well. I'm also struggling with how to make a split work will for all of us. I'd love to hear how you're coming along in your planning process! God is good! I think it will be a great year!


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I'm in the same boat!

I'm also teaching 3rd and 4th with ABeka this year. I'm preparing myself for a lot of work, but a lot of satisfaction, too. I'd love to hear your ideas and I'd be happy to zip some to you once I get my curriculum sorted out too. A HUGE blessing to me last year was finding a mom who needed/wanted to serve the school and she graded all of my daily math papers for me. I still graded the tests, but she was very dependable and very accurate and actually enjoyed doing it. She was a HUGE asset to me! Good luck and God bless!


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Love ABEKA for

Phonics, Reading, and Language!
The only things is that they go at a fast pace for my 1st graders. It would be great if
I had more time in the day to keep up with this pace. (It would be nice to
only teach Science/Social Studies 3 days a week.)
Here's my schedule:
8:00 Goodmorning Seatwork or Journals
8:15 Spelling?phonics or P.E.
8:45 Calendar/Science (some of my ESL students are pulled out, but I can't go on with any Language Art lessons, because they need to have the same lessons)
(On Thursdays, we go to Chapel from 9-9:40)
9:40 Guided reading/Small groups/Handwriting or sentence writing
10:40 Lunch/recess
11:40 Drop Everything and Read time
12:00 Bible (ACSI)
12:35 Specials class: Music/Art/Computer
1:10 Snack/Rest
1:30 Math (Harcourt)
2:10 Specials class: Korean/Library
2:45 Dismiss

Is there anytimes you see that can be used for something else?
I feel that there is not enough time for a solid Language Arts
program. I would really like to implement a Creative writing time,
but when and how???
Any advice you give is very much appreciated! =)

Mrs. O

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I have the children do creative writing in a journal each morning, but I don't stress it too hard. I have also started doing DOL this year as part of my morning work. I think DOL is the best Language Arts to do in a short amount of time. Of course you should supplement with something else, but if you are already doing ABEKA Lang then it would be great. We do Shurley English for our Lang. program, and I don't really care for it in the younger grades.


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Mrs. O,
Do you make up your own DOL problems, or is there a book you use?
Also, do you follow the sequence of ABEKAs Lang. book?
Thank you so much for your advice!