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Doing the wrong things causing bad impression


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Anyway, not sure how to start this topic at all, but yesterday I subbed at a school I used to sub. However, the bad thing with it was when I got into the mailboxes..and was busy looking at another teacher's mailbox, and then FORGOT to get the stuffs from the box of the teacher I subbed for for that day. Oh, gosh, it was horrible because I did a bad thing by calling the secretary. And then I told her that I didn't get anything including the attendance from the mailbox...gosh, turns out that the attendance was in the BOX all along and the secretary had to take it into my class. >___< And then, I don't know. I just felt so stupid after that. I could have just forget it and come during recess and check the attendance. I worked at two different school districts and different schools, and so sometimes there were school where I can call in to the secretary and report the absences and the secretary will accept right away. What a horrible situtation. I'm afraid that she doesn't want me back to her school again cuz she didn't seem very "pleasant" when I handed over my stuffs to get my time card.

I think I have to make a card reminding me to check mailboxes and make sure the attendance is in there because once I get into the room, I got all worried about the lesson plans that I forgot everything else. lol.

Anyway, happy Thanksgiving to everyone. And I'm new into this forum. I've read a lot of topics, and I'm so glad to be a part of this forum.


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I don't think she is ....

Maybe she was slightly annoyed, if that at all!! Maybe she was having a bad day or you caught her at a bad moment? I think that the secretaries forget that the subs are not there everyday and a minor occurence such as yours may happen time and again. I wouldn't worry about it too much.


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I've had days like this too....where you wonder whether they've been talking to everybody about how stupid "that sub" was and you wonder if they'll ever call you back. And I worry about it till they do actually call again.

I've been trying to make myself stop being such a worry wart. As for attendance, I've been told by the registrar at our school about so many of the regular teachers who never get around to posting attendance until she calls them on the intercom. It's a daily thing with them and it's like they think it's her job to remind them. So at least you did remember.

As for her attitude when you left, that could have been about anything. Secretaries deal with a lot of crazy parents, teachers, etc. Unless she started scolding you about the attendance, I wouldn't take it personally. And even if she did scold you, that doesn't mean that you won't get called back.

Try to just learn from it and stay calm about it....it's truly not worth worrying over.



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For heaven's sake!

Come ON, if she was annoyed with you, well big DEAL! Let her jump from school to school and procedure to procedure and dance on her feet like we all do. And no lesson plans some days, and on and on...

I know how you feel, but these cranky secretaries can just get over themselves.

One of the secretaries who forgot to provide two days of time reporting for me last year was MOST annoyed when she had to correct it and then it was another month before I got my wages. I was astounded at her sulky attitude and lack of apology.

The District giggled, "Oh, that X is so busy! She has so much to DO!"


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I do that...

and I'm a classroom teacher!! I think our secretary was shocked when I DID remember to get my attendance.. :D Don't worry about it!

I was horrible about just sending a note down with a kid to tell her "all here" or who was absent, and she'd get my attendance sheet and mark it...

Now it's all online, I'm sure she's ELATED!!


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yesteach--baaaad teacher!

Oh, I do hope you were sincerely reprimanded for your crime! After all, you aren't there to teach, correct?

After what I have seen full-time teachers go through--anyone who can survive with a smile is a hero!

I think I would be hitting admin staff after about two months. Or the students. My personal ability to suffer fools gladly is getting less and less. And the fools seem to be in charge everywhere.


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My personal ability to suffer fools gladly is getting less and less. And the fools seem to be in charge everywhere.
LOL.. my brother and I decided years ago, the reason for this is that only a fool would take those jobs!! Anyone with any sense knows better than to end up in charge.. LOL


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Teacher's mailboxes

I don't get into mailboxes at all...and I tell the secretary if there is anything that HAS to go home with them that day I need it in my hands, not in the mailbox. I just don't want to risk anything "missing" out of a teacher's mailbox and me being responsible.

Here we have paper attendence sheets for the subs to use. It is part of the lunch count and it is given to the office. I happen to know this is done on the computer for the regular teachers (I did long term and did so). I will also make a note for the teacher on my sheet I leave for the day so she has that as well to know who was missing or tardy.

I have found that a "I'm sorry, I forgot..." or "I don't know where this is at...can you help", has gotten me a long way....most staff are very willing to help if you ask and they forget those "oops" we make...at least I hope so!


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I'm Glad I'm Not the Only One...

I tend to stress out and dwell on mistakes I've made and worry about not getting called back to that school. I remember the first time I subbed, I didn't cover everything on the lesson plan and felt bad about it for awhile, until I chatted with someone from a different school in that district. That teacher said most of the teachers in the district purposely over plan. I'd rather they do that than under plan!