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Don't I wish!!!



I thought we'd all like this article :)

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) — A woman in the Netherlands has been banned from any contact with her daughter's school or teachers after complaining too much, a court ruled Friday.

The woman, whose name was not released, "overloaded" the Borgh Elementary School in the northern city of Zuidhorn "with an incessant stream of questions, comments and complaints," a panel of judges at the Groningen District Court wrote in their judgment.

"For causing an illegal hindrance ... she will be barred from approaching the school or the school area for a year, and forbidden from addressing the school, educators or the board in any way other than as specified in the verdict," the judges said.

The woman's complaints ranged from treatment of her daughter — described as "highly gifted" — to disagreements about curriculum, method of teaching and the safety of the school.

In the 2004-2005 school year, the woman sent 50 e-mails and 20 letters to the school, and came nine times to visit.

She also wrote 29 letters to the school board and others "to the National Complaint Commission, the Labor Inspection Service, the Educational Inspection Service, the Queen's representative and the media," the judgment said.

In the future, the woman will be allowed to submit complaints to the school on a single page of paper once a month, the court ruled.


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We can dream can't we?

Thanks for the laugh, I am printing it out and I am going to hang it in our faculty room.



Man, I'm sure we all wish that this would happen in America! For once I would like to see those parents who feel the need to make a comment or try to tell us how to teach all the time to take my place for a year and see how they do!