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Door Decorating/Reading Celebration


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Hi! We are planning a reading celebration in which we would decorate our classroom doors as a book jacket. The teachers would then dress as a character from a book. Does anyone have any clever ideas for the door decoration as well as the characters costume? Thanks for your ideas!


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magic tree house

my students LOVE these books and you could dress as Morgan, the lady from the tree house, She is from camelot, there is a pic of her in the moon book we just finished. it is decent and would be easy and is something that would keep you covered up and not too hard to get around in. :)
i hope this helps


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You could do something great from The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe, a classic fairytale (Cinderalla, Sleeping Beauty, etc), or something brilliant from Harry Potter. Depends if your school allows you to have supernatural themes though I guess. Just some ideas!