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drawing conclusions


Junior Member
I used every possible resource I had on hand to teach and test drawing conclusions. We are required to have them practice at least twice and then test in the same format as our quarterly testing. I still had several student fail the skill. Now I need to reteach in a significantly different way, but I still have to retest them with the same multiple choice format. URRRRG! I have a powerpoint that I'm going to use to reteach, but now I energy left to come up with new stories and questions for a test. Does anyone know where I could find a such a thing. I've surfed all through my lunch break and can't find anything new.


Senior Member
Could you read a new book to them, but not the ending and have them create (or draw a conclusion) about how they think it will end?


don't reinvent the wheel

Use the same stories that you had on the first couple of tests, just mix up the order.