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Dress code piggyback


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Dress code piggyback - mismatched shoes

I forgot/did not know about mismatched shoes. I have not seen it. I am not a big fan.

I do not mind a couple of the ones below, I cannot see myself buying them.
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My daughter has liked mismatched socks for years now, and mismatched shoes sometimes. They were more organic, though. This feels like buying ripped jeans, which I never really understood.


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Who knew I was trendy - before it was trendy.
I finally resorted to writing navy or black on my slacks and shoes of that color. I never could tell the difference when dressing in the morning and many a day was mismatched.

Teach 5

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I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that has to write blue and black on my pants and shoes! <!--giggle-->

I didn’t know mismatched shoes were a thing. How did I miss that?


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I think it’s a terrific trend for kids. I had students who prided themselves on a whole year of mismatched socks—and that was over 20 years ago.

pdx, those are as cute as can be, but I’m guessing they were sold as a pair. Were they?


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Pdxteacher, when I read tctrojan’s post and saw the photo, I immediately thought of my friend and her love of those shoes like yours (it looks like the same company). She has many pairs. My eyes always gravitate to see what pair she’s wearing when I see her and to see if she has a new pair. My favorite is the bacon and eggs. LOL


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I think it’s a perfect youth (and young at heart!) fashion trend. I don’t think I could pull it off because people would just assume I’d made a mistake in the morning, but some are cute pairings and it’s totally harmless. And pretty accessible for all income levels since you can mismatch your own or buy paired mismatches.

But then I was a ripped jeans wearer! :p


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Amiga, you're right, they are definitely sold that way. But I've also just done it by mistake, not trying to be "cool." LOL
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I have seen the ones pdx posted, that are clearly meant to be a "pair" even if not an exact match. I haven't noticed examples like the top photo IRL. Not a fan, personally, but to each their own!