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Dressing as Favorite Book Character - HELP!


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I have to dress up as my favorite book character for Nat'l Childrens Book Week. Last year I was the mouse from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, but since I'm teaching third grade this year I wanted to do something different. I thought about Ramona Quimby or Nancy Drew (two of my favorites), but I don't know what to wear. Any suggestions? Or do you have any other ideas? I'm open to anything - I'm not very good at these things.....


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A very creative friend of mine just dressed up as Pippi Longstockings. For hair, she got a baseball cap and a wire coat hanger. She she formed the coat hanger in the shape of an Omega and put the cap in the "u" of the Omega. Next, she got red yarn and hot glued it all over the cap (straight, like hair) and then braided it over the legs of the Omega shaped coat hanger. Her braids looked JUST like the new Wendy's commercials. It was hysterical and everyone knew exactly who she was. It was also easy to take off and put on b/c it was all done on a baseball cap. Sorry if I was confusing.:)
BTW - you can finish the outfit off with an over sized shirt and some black leggings.


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Ms. Frizzle

Ms. Frizzle would be easy to do. Just grab a jumper/dress and attach stars, bugs, or whatever you have. I did it one year and it was easy.


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I have a friend who

dresses up as book characters every halloween.

She has dressed up as the Paperbag Princess....mess up your hair, get a crown and use butcher paper to make a dress.

She has also dressed up as Farmer Brown from Click Clack Moo. Overalls, hat, typewriter, get a stuffed cow, electric blanket.

Amber Brown-I can't really remember the outfit though.

CAt in the Hat