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DS’s shower/wedding update


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DS is getting married next year. After reading about (think it was Ruby’s DD) someone’s adventures I thought I give an update.
I haven’t found a dress yet. I looked online and went to one store, Macy’s. I visited 2 consignment stores and found dresses in size 2. Maybe I will check back later. I am giving myself a January deadline.
There was a couple’s shower and it was a pleasant afternoon. It was held at her friend’s spacious home with a gorgeous garden and view. No drama!
Everyone that needed a passport received got it. Most of the passports arrived in 6-8 weeks.
I hope everything continues to go smoothly.
I know someone else has a wedding in the family. How are things going?


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My son just got married a few weeks ago and it went so well! I found a dress at a dept. store that has huge discounts (but no returns). He didn't want a bachelor party, but DIL's grandma gave her a luncheon that I attended. It was all very nice. They looked blissfully happy, so I couldn't have asked for more. Definitely no drama, so that makes this momma's heart so happy.

I'm so glad yours is going well! It can be a stressful time trying to remember everything, but it's so nice when it falls into place. Enjoy!


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Thanks for asking LaFish! My DS is getting married in February....T minus 97 days and counting! It's going to be really small....like 20 people and apparently they're renting out a small hotel for all of us. I haven't looked for a dress yet but I'm waiting to hear more from the bride as to what's what. My son is a stinker and I get very little information from him. My future daughter in law is a saint!!!


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Another wedding coming up here:) DS is getting married in early March. 110 days. He and fiance are here visiting for 3 days. We went to the wedding venue Sunday ( 2 hours from us) and did the tasting with them and her parents ( they live near venue). Place was beautiful and we tried TWENTY SEVEN items! Most were delicious!

There have been long discussions between them today on tie colors, table number fonts, and table number holders. I really want to say ,"No one will really notice or care!"

I think the planning was much easier 40 years ago when I got married. No internet and 10,000 choices/ ideas. You chose from the 3-5 options ( if that many) at a local store. Done! 🤣