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Would anyone like to participate in e-pals, using a classroom email address? If there are, I will ask my principal if I can get an email address, expressly for this project. I don't want to use my own personal classroom email, because I wouldn't want to clog up my box with extraneous emails. However, I think the instant response factor of an email, would be a great incentive to get first graders interested in writing.

Perhaps, they could go on computers during centers, and then send their emails after they have been viewed by me. I could have 1 or 2 groups of 4-5 students emailing during center time about 3 times a week. The corresponding class would respond during their center times. Something like that. I'm not sure.

Does anyone have any ideas out there to make it work?
Is anyone interested? I have 11 girls and 11 boys. What do you think?