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ear candling


Junior Member
Has anyone ever tried ear candling or coning? I would like to try it out but after doing some research online I am not so sure. Some websites stated that it does nothing at all and can cause damage while others boasted the health benefits.


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I've heard

I've heard it isn't effective, and as you said, could be dangerous. I understand that it doesn't do anything, and the melted wax you see is actually from the candle. I myself have used the wax-removal drops and syringe they sell at most stores.

Ima Teacher

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I've used it quite successfully. I know that it wasn't just wax from the candle coming from my ears. I had gone to my allergy specialist for my testing, and he told me that my right ear had a LOT of wax that was pressing on the eardrum. He told me to remove it, but didn't explain how.

I had both ears done, but the right was done FIVE times. I did nothing else. When I went back for my follow up the following week, he was pleased with the wax removal from my ear.