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Early Intervention Program


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I am a retired teacher who has returned to work half time in our EIP (Early Intervention Program) in K. I always taught 2nd previously. Our school has very high requirements & there are a lot of kids that are falling behind. What I need is some NEW IDEAS for helping these kids. Most that seem to be able have now learned the letters with some of their sounds. Some are still working on numerals 0-10 but most have advanced to learning 11-20. Word Wall Words (sight words) are really hard for many of them. Then there are the many skills they have to learn, too. I work with about 6-8 students for a 22 min. segment. Do any of you have any new ideas I could try for teaching numerals, K skills, and especially sight words? I have made flash cards and several games, but would just like something new. Thanks!


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We use the 2 sets of flashcards for games such as go fish, "snap", concentration. My students love trying to race each other in saying the words from the cards.
Snap- turn cards face down in a pile have 1 or 2 cards with the word "Snap" on it and decorate the card. On your turn, pick up top card. If you name it correctly, you keep it; if not, it goes on the bottom of the deck. If you draw a snap card, all of your cards go on the bottome of the deck. We set a timer, and the game is over when the timer sounds. The words that are placed on the bottom are practiced again. We also have no winner/loser for this game, and we help each other.


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I just got a book called Fast Start for Early Readers. It is an excellent resource that will help with many early literacy skills. It was developed for use by parents at home but it would be great in the classroom as well. It is by Nancy Padak and Timothy Radinski. I plan to use it both in the classroom and as homework for my struggling readers.