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Earth Day



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solar cooker

We learn about recycling, reusing, reducing, and pollution all week long. Then we make solar cookers using pizza boxes, foil, plastic wrap, and black paper. If you are interested, I can send you the directions or you can google it. Anyway, we make s'mores in the boxes. In New York it is warm enough to melt chocolate but not warm enough to melt marshmallows. Oh well. The kids get the point and they love the lesson! After we enjoy the treat we put on plastic gloves and pick up trash on the school grounds. Hope this helps!


Sounds interesting... woud love more info.

Solar cookers? Great idea. Please send me info at kristafranklin at hotmail.




We read the Lorax. Then the kids identify the beginning, middle and end. After briefly sketching what happens in all three, I give a large piece of mural paper to each group and assign a group to the beginning, middle, and end. They are not allowed to use markers or anything else to draw on the paper. They must cut and glue and work together to create a scene that contains the elements of that part of the story. We use our recycled scrap paper to make everything. At the end, I hang them up outside the classroom, and then together, we label with paper and string, the characters, setting, problem, and solution.


solar cooker directions

Hello Tiffany!
I would love to have the directions for your Earth Day projects. I live in San Francisco, so conjuring up enough "heat" to melt anything might be a challenge, but it's worth a shot!
Thanks again!
julie :)