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easy chapter books

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I am a Title 1 reading teacher and I am looking for titles/authors of easy chapter books for my struggling 2nd grade readers. Any suggestions for titles for boys? Any sports or animal chapter books? Thank you.


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Henry and Mudge

My kids loved the Henry and Mudge series. It's at a reading level I (DRA16). I think it's a good set to start with.


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I've had little luck finding much myself. I need levels even lower than (I/16) myself. I have 2 second graders who can barely read a level D/E (7 I think?). Unfortunately the male of the pair really wants to read some higher level books. He begs to borrow books way above his reading abilities. I usually let him borrow them any way but I know he can't read them. The female of the pair struggles to read Biscuit books. He's very motivated to try and she's very not. It's difficult to do anything with them at the same time not to mention my other 2nd graders who are much higher. If anyone finds any lower than Henry and Mudge I'd be glad to hear of it. Particularly on animals.


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School librarian?

We have a wonderful librarian for questions like this, and she knows what is available.

I can't think of titles off hand, so I'll try to remember to check my classroom closet.


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What Guided Reading level are you looking for? Easy chapter books pretty much start at level I (Dragon books by Dav Pilkey and Fly Guy books by Tedd Arnold) and then there are tons at level J. But I am guessing that a struggling 2nd grader would be lower than that. Elephant and Piggie, Danny the Dinosaur, Biscuit, Little Critter are lower level books that my boys love, but they are not "easy chapters."

Booksource's website has an "advanced search" option where you can search by interest level, reading level, and more. I use it all the time to find new books!