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EdCamps used to be HUGE in my area. There was one district that did an awesome one on a Saturday...breakfast and lunch provided, treats, door prizes, great sessions, happy hour afterwards, etc. Many others places within an hour or so of me would have them. I'm willing to bet there were 5-7 a year within the hour. Ever since COVID, there has been none. I'm not sure if it's COVID, if they've just "done their course" or a combination of both. I really miss them! Now, I would never attend all of them, usually just 1 or 2...but now, I can't even find 1 near me! Have others made similar observations?


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I remember my teammate talking about them years ago. Haven't heard anything recently.

For me, I just couldn't bring myself to go to something like that on a Saturday during the school year. I would have been happy to go during the summer when I'd get bored anyway. But around here, there were none in the summer. They were always during the year.


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I know in our area there became an issue with doing events called “Edcamp.” There must be an actual business called edcamp.

We do some of our school pd edcamp style so that there are choices for people.