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I was wondering if anyone had ever used Ediets.com- I hate to pay my money for something I dont know anything about.

These New Year's Resolutions! Every year I say I am going to lose weight, and every year I gain it!

Ms. K

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I tried it for a little while last year. It worked fairly well and I liked the menus. I would get the shopping list once a week and then order all of my groceries from Safeway.com. That way I never had to actually go to the store.

Some of the recipes were a little complicated though. I think that is why I stopped. Now I'm thinking of doing the nutrasystem thing. I love the idea of never worrying about what I have to make to eat.


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Weight watchers online

I would suggest you avoid diets that do the cooking and meal planning for you. A great tool in weight loss is learning about nutrition through self service. This would include cooking and planning. Planning is by far going to keep you on track. WW is one of the healthiest diet programs around. For years it's been successful for me, so I would imagine if you want to do an online diet, I suggest to give it a try.


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One of my major problems with weight watchers and a lot of diet programs is that the cooking is so complicated. All those disparate ingredients clutter up my cabinets. I kind of liked Atkins because it was so uncomplicated. I lost weight too! No matter what course you take you have to realize it is a permanent change in the way you eat. And let's don't forget how important exercise is to the process!