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Educational software



Does anyone use any kind of educational software in their classroom that they believe to be very benefital? Or do you know of any really good software out there?


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Educational Software

For social studies, it's hard to beat the oldie -Where in the US is Carmen Sandiego? It teaches a lot about the US. By providing the students with a form to fill out, you can monitor their activity and help them succeed. Playing the game with them a few times using the teacher station connected to the tv (or projected on a Smart Board, if your system is rich) makes it more fun for them and you. This program can sometimes be bought really cheaply: the advertisments say you are only paying the postage.

Sunburst Software has some really good programs 10 copies for $100. If you shared with another teacher, you end up with really low cost programs. One called How the West was 1+2X3 (or something like that) teaches order of operations in math in a really fun way as the train races the stagecoach.

They also have one that provides activities, puzzles, and and tests on many children's books on your level. I cannot remember the name of this one.

Edmark has 6 programs (castle, rainforest, ocean, Egypt, etc.) which provides the setting, character images, and props for students to create stories.

All these are older, low cost programs, that really are good. Some of them take extended amounts of time to play (you can save your project and come back to it) while there are others that can be finished in a brief time.

If you are a Mac user, I know lots of great ones that are free.


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Our school has a program called Orchard that has about 20 courses of study on it in most language arts subjects. I focus on the language arts areas since that's what I teach. The kids take turns and complete a single session which contains about 10 problems. The directions say, "click on the direct object." The kids 3 chances to get it right and even provide help. There are 2 modes: practice and test. I get mine to practice until they can get a 100 then they take the test and go on to a different challenge (right now they are working through the parts of speech). If they had to do these lessons on paper they never would. Here's hoping they will ace the state mandated criterion referenced test in the spring!


we've used...

Reading: Lexia is a phonics-based program designed originally for dyslexic students, but very good for all 1st through 5th. The 3-5 part of it is called SOS and has reading passages as well as vocabulary building based on word parts (chron, ology, geo, etc) about $1000

Successmaker Enterprise from Pearson Digital: We just purchased complete program. 19 programs including English Language (ESL), Vamos a Leer, Initial Reading, Several other Reading programs for 2-8th, Math K-8 in several programs, and science. This program has an automatic placement and continual leveling and automatic reteach built in and will provide nearly any type of report you want. Correlated to state standards for a number of states, and will render reports telling you the performance of each student on each standard. $37,000 for site liscence.

Accelerated Math from Renaissance Learning: Uses answer forms and a scanner attached to your computer to grade student work. It prints individualized new assignments for each student in response to their answers on the previous assignment. A good way to individualize instruction and provide instant feedback. about $500 plus the little scanner.

I have no experience with, but have read good reviews of Plato and Sleek as test-prep programs.

Our alternative ed school uses A+ for math and reading courses.

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I have used the Decisions Decisions software which is like the old books you used to read as a kid where you would come to a point in the story and have to make a decision and that decision determined the outcome of the story...each different decision brings a different outcome....there are many different topics for many different age levels and my students love them!