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Election Year Fundraiser


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Our school had a fundraiser, and a very wise veteran teacher invited the local politicians and candidates. The PTA raised about $3,000 on the cake auction (some cakes sold for $200-300). Our school system has a high poverty rate, but our political candidates were very generous with their donations. We are so thankful to all of them, and to everyone who donated the baked goods, and worked the fundraiser.


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That is so great! Here is another good fundraiser that our PE teachers did this year. They raised over $1,000. OUr state has 2 rival college football teams. ALABAMA and AUBURN. Well during the ALABAMA AUBURN game things are wild everywhere in Alabama. Our PE teachers decided to take advantage of this rivalry. THey sold cionstruction paper links for 25 cents each. Red and White for Alabama and blue and orange for Auburn. We had parents sending in $20 for links for their team. Kids were emptying their piggy banks. Not becasue they wanted to support the PE teachers, but because they didn't want their team to lose. They hung the links from the ceiling and they stretched all around our front hall. It was fun and something the kids took part in and it worked! In case you are wondering Alabama won in this particular case. :)