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elliptical trainer


Senior Member
I am thinking about buying an elliptical machine for home. I use one all the time at the gym, but know I'd use one more often if it was available at all hours. Lots are available online, but not too many for me to try in stores. Do any of you have one you'd recommend? I can't afford the quality they have at the gym (about $3,000) but am willing to put some money towards it. I'm looking for something durable with smooth strides. It doesn't need to have all the "bells & whistles".


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american fitness

Hi, we bought ours through this company. They had many to choose from. They came and set it up for us too. In my opinion, I would not buy one off the internet unless I had tried the exact model out at the store. Precor (gym quality) has a patten on the movement style so not all ellipticals glide the same. I really like mine, but it does seem more like a pedal movement than a gym elliptical. Good luck!