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Elmo Projectors


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I am interested in writing a grant for an elmo projector. I don't have a lot of info on it. My son's middle school has them in every classroom. When I went to his open house and saw how the teachers used them during their presentations I was in complete aw. Does anyone use one in their classroom? Has anyone written a grant for one? Are there good web sites that I could go to for more information? I don't even know what model number to start looking for.


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Elmo info.

I don't know about grant info., but I have an Elmo and love it. We have 4 in our school, and are hoping to get more. I had gone to a conference and seen an Elmo in action and was hooked! I was ready to buy one out of my own pocket when my principal offered, so I jumped on it. Anyway, mine is a TT-02u. You can check them out at this site www.elmousa.com
It looks like TT-02u has been replaced by the TT-02s. If I remember correctly it was between $600-$700.


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May I ask what does and ELMO projector do? I have seen a bunch of threads now with everyone so excited over it. I tried to google it, but still dont fully understand how its special. Looks like a fancy overhead, but I know it must do more!! Thanks everyone! Happy Thanksgiving. :s)

Mrs. T.

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I just got a notice that some are being recalled because of a fire hazzard. You may want to check in to that. It probably consists of returning and getting a new one.