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emergency!!! wet carpet!


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anyone let their bathtub overflow and flood your carpet?

yep, i did that this evening! standing water in bathroom, spilled out into carpetted closet--about a foot and 1/2 into closet and at least 2 feet into carpetted bedroom--a perimeter of about 8 feet total.

crap! this a brand-new house...new carpet. i am so frustrated with myself!

any advice? (the water is definitely in the pad. we have concrete under, not wood) help!


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get up what you can

If you have a carpet shampoo machine, just use the suction to get up as much water as you can. If not, a shop vac will do the same. Get the air circulating by turning on ceiling fans, put out box fans, that's what ServiceMaster did when my finished basement flooded.


Rent a shampoo machine or a wet/dry vac

and get busy! You need to get the water up quick or you could face mold issues.


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thanks to the 2 of you who posted.

my husband and i (sick as DOGS already!) stayed up late cleaning up the mess and sopping up water. i didn't think to use our shop vac (that never gets used!) until the next day when it was too late.

we used several towels several times to soak up the excess (well, it was all excess) water. and then i did that again in the morning and again that next night.

we have carpet cleaner friends who came over today and pulled out the pads to dry and pulled up the carpet and stuck a giant fan under it. they said it looks like it will all be fine, no replacing needed. sigh of relief.

i just feel like such a moron! i have had so much on my mind lately...it hasn't even been that hard of a year--good class, good parents. huh. maybe something is going wrong with my brain. (there have been 3 loopy things i've done lately)

1. this--worst one!
2. i took off my jewelry one night about 3 weeks ago--including a ring that took a bit of twisting--and apparently (obviously) also took off my wedding ring (a tight fit!! i NEVER take it off) without even realizing it and noticed the next day during school--ACK!
3. this morning (at 4:00 AM for some lame media event) i couldn't find my car keys. they are always in the same place! i was so panicked--found them--i had put them on the mailbox key hook---i never put them there, but last night had gone to get the mail and had taken my car keys for some stupid reason.

good grief!