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End of School Activities


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As the end of the school year is drawing near for many, I was wondering if any of you plan special activities and/or picnics with your class. If so, I'd love to hear about your special events. Thanks so much!



We have lots of special things at the end of our year that I can hardly keep track when may comes along! Some of these are school-wide and some are just for our class or grade level.

-Planting day - where we plant flowers in the school garden or other places and make the school look nice. We also do a bug hunt the same day with clipboards around the outside of the school tallying how many of each kind of bug we see. Very fun!

- Field day - after the games we sit and watch the other grades compete and usually eat popsicles and lunch outside on beach towels.

-Awards day - parents come and each child gets an award certificate for their special talent of the year.

Scrapbook day - During the year I save kids writing about different things we have done. I secretly make them a scrapbook of all these things. On scrapbook day we add to our (our favorite things, autographs, favorite memory, etc.) and also view a slideshow of pictures from throughout the year.

Beach day - we do different ocean themed centers and lay around on towels when we get tired! Also try to have a special snack, write postcards to parents and play some water games outside.

Mrs. O

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Gross out food party and picnic outside

My big party is out Gross-Out Food Party the day before school is out. Parents send dishes like worms on buns (sliced hotdogs boiled in water so they curl to look like worms) squids (cocktail weenies sliced on one side to look like a squid) mummy toes (pigs in blankets with the "toenails" painted with mustard or ketchup city dump (pile of brownies with candy trash, etc. They kids love it and I think the parents have fun coming up with the fun foods.

On the last day of school we get out at 12:30. Most of the day is spent outside on the football field. The kids bring waterguns, kites, balls and eat their lunch on the football field and play all morning.

We also have an Awards Ceremony Day the week before school lets out. We just got through celebrating Land Run Day and Earth Day.


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Send Off and Reading Celebration

I do a First Grade Send Off with my class. I work really hard to see that every child gets 1-2 guests in attendance (whether its a neighbor, aunt, friend, etc...) The whole thing is pretty short and sweet... I make a power point slide show with memories from the year. Then, the kids sing a song that they've practiced for a while. We put risers in the classroom and they boogie down! Last year, we did the funky version of Lean On Me and they made up a 8 bar dance that they could keep repeating. It was really cool! I also use that time to show the parents the summer folders (or this year it'll be reading totes) that the kids have been filling. I make a 2 minute plea about the research behind and importance of summer reading, and then I actually give THEM the totes, so that I know it is in the right hands.

While the Send Off is as close to the end of the year as I can, The REading Celebration is not that close to the end. We have kind of a summer reading celebration that is similar to a "reading lock in" or sleep over. We wear our pj's, bring a blanket and read all day. At that time, I bring in as many books (and series) from the public library that I possibly can. We alternate between me reading a little from one aloud (to build excitement for that series) and them reading alone and in partners. It's on that day that we also compile a list of all the books or series that they'd like to get out of the library over the summer. This is one of the things that I save for the reading totes. During the Summer Rreading Celebration day, we also spend some time reflecting on how we've changed as readers.

Incidentally... I do a reading celebration for each season. (4 per year) and for each one, we do something seasonal. For the fall one, we carved a pumpkin and wrote about it. In the winter, we baked a cake by following the recipe on student copies. In the spring, we made lemonade by following the recipe. But on every reading celebration, we always spend most of it reading and a little of it writing about our reading progress. These days always end up being rejuventating. The kids understand that they are not "parties", but they still love to snuggle up and read, read, read!


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end of year

I love the end of the year. State testing is over and it is a time to really get into lots of literature response acitivities. Here are a few that I do
1. Watermelon Day by Kathy Appelet (spelling) - It is in our basil. I do this while during plant unit. We have watermelon, estimate the weight of it, weigh it, estimate the lenght of a peicew of yearn to go around the watermelon, check it closest one wins, watermelon seed spitting contest. Write watermelon stories, etc....

2. We also read the Enormous Turnip and then we read the Enormous Watermelon and then compare the stories.

3. Insect unit - Order butterflies, read stories related ex: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

4. Scrapbooking Day as well where we put together our end of year books.