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end of the day



I'm still struggling with keeping the end of the day quiet and orderly. I have tried a number of things. I tried reading to the students but they don't seem to be really focusing on what I'm reading. I've been trying to do short activities like math fact drills or other quick math games. The five minute math fact test is about the only thing that seems to work well. I think I need something that will really keep their focus and something that is quiet.


Suggestion for the end of the day

I teach the 5th grade and I understand how difficult it can be sometimes trying to get them settled down. This is my 3rd year teaching and I have had success this year with my "end of day" procedures. We pack up quietly so that the students can think about what they need to take home. We pack up row by row so that everyone in not trying to do this at once. When each row gets packed up, they come back to their desks and sit there quietly reading a book or a magazine. This on one of our procedures. We practice, practice, and practice this and other classroom procedures in a manner so as order and quietness is emphasized. It is like second nature to them now. Of course, you will on occasion have one or two students that insist on talking. If this happens, the next day I take a few minutes of their recess time and have them write the procedures for "packing up" and this usually takes care of the problem.
I hope this helps.


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Lateral Thinking Problems

Like the teacher above I have kids pack up everything row by row. After they have stacked their chairs at the front of the room the go back to their desk and sit on top of it (they love this for some reason) Then I have a "problem of the day" Basically I bought a lateral thinking book and give them one of the problems in it. They can raise their hands to ask questions and try to solve it together. They LOVE it. I was actually surprised how much they get into it. All kids try to ask questions, and it is awesome for me to watch them think through the problems. We try to figure them out until the bell rings then we quietly line up and walk down the hall. I too used to feel like the end of the day was a struggle but now we all leave feeling great. We always pick up with the problem we were on when the bell rang the next day. Here's an example of one of the problems: "Two men were playing tennis, they played 5 sets and each man won 3 sets. How is this possible?


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Great topic!!

For some reason I had just never thought of having an end of the day activity. We usually just pack up, I sign agendas, and then they clean up and leave when their bell rings. I love the ideas mentioned though, because it can get pretty chaotic sometimes!

Jennifer in OK

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End of Day

I found a post somewhere this summer from ProTeacher where a teacher has the students play Silent Ball. I've done this with my students on occassion. You have a beach ball and have the students form a circle. (Of course after they have packed, etc. at the end of the day). They have to toss the ball to each other and cannot make a sound. If they drop the ball, it hits furniture, they giggle/make noise, throw the ball too hard, then they are out and sit on the floor. My kids love it. I don't play it every day, but it is a privilege at the end of a good day of working. I usually give a prize to the last one standing.


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Love5th, do you have a recommendation for a lateral thinking book, like what you mentioned? It sounds great!


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Clean up activities???

I like a tidy room at the end of the day. I taught primary in the past, and we had a job chart with a clean up song. Everyone had to be in their seats packed, jobs done, and ready for the bus. Is this too childish for 4th? Do you do job charts? How do you empower the kids to tidy up at the end of the day and get ready quietly? I'd love to know. Thanks..


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end of day stuff

Since we've had our kids dismissed at different times this past year, it started out a fiasco! Then I decided to end the day's activities with a quickie writing activity. They write a few summary sentences about either the last activity of the day, the favorite activity of the day, or what they'd like to do tomorrow.
Another idea is to have a read aloud.
BUT when I read aloud, chapter books, I have a large piece of construction paper with a column labeled "Old titles" and another labeled "new titles". The kids have to listen to suggestions from others and we usually end of voting on the choices mentioned.
There's also a book called "Ten Minute Activities" It has some pretty cool ideas, some use paper/pencil, some don't.
And some days I just think we're all waiting to leave!!! You know, party days, the day before a break or holiday, sometimes just a Friday! :)
I have also lined them up at the door and said, "Hug or handshake"
then the kids have a choice to either hug me or give a handshake as they walk out the door. However, in one of my professional mags this summer, I read about some phoney molestation charges filed against someone in the school. I think I may change it to "Hand shake or high 5." no lawsuits in my future that way! CYA!


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community building

:s) My end of the day time is when I fit in community building stuff. I usually do one "activity" for about 4 weeks depending on interest. Some things we squeeze into the last five to eight minutes are:

Sharing of news and events (kids share important things that are happening to them in their lives)

Compliment circle

community building games (I get all of mine out of the morning meeting book)

song (this is their favorite! We learn popular songs, like Lean on Me and We are Family)

It might not be silent, but it's a JOYFUL way to end the day!