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End of the Year slideshow



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My PC died a few weeks ago. I just got a new mac. Which program is best to use to make an end of the year slideshow for the kids? My apple computer has iphoto, idvd and imovie. I would like to add different songs. Thank you in advance for all your help.


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Iphoto is the easiest. Make an album of all the photos you want to use, then click on the slideshow icon and then click on the the settings icon that shows up as the slideshow starts. You can adjust and pick which theme you want and you can pick songs from itunes as well to play with it.


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Does great stuff-can make it as simple or complicated as you want. You will need to upload your photos into iPhoto first.

The Apple web has great tutorials.

Make all my family and school slides and movies with it.

Enjoy. You will never own a pc again.


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I just got a mac a week ago so decided to teach myself how to use iMovie. I ended up making my year end video in that. It wasn't too hard to figure out and was pretty easy to add music from my itunes account. I'm going to burn a copy for each student I think.


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You need to use iMovie. I'm not sure why people are saying iPhoto, unless I'm missing something...and I've used a Mac for YEARS. That's the whole purpose for iMovie! You don't even need to upload your pix into iPhoto, if you have the latest version. Just make a folder on your desktop and drop all you pix in them. You can drag your pix straight from the desktop into iMovie with the latest iMovie version. Very nice! Download your music from iTunes or a CD and drag the music you choose under the pix you want it to be with on the movie. The new iMovie even has themes that will practically make the movie for you and it adds all the transitions as well. Have fun playing with it! ;)

Good luck!


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I made my end of the year slideshow on imovie on my Mac. It is very easy to make and insert music also. Then I uploaded it to youtube so my parents and students can view it at anytime.


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I always use IDvd because I love how you can have options to make the beginning of the video. I also put in videos of my class singing, or doing readers theatre! I think it all depends on what you are more comfortable with! I havent ever used iMovie but heard good things!