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end of year procedures


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What procedures are required in your school for the end of the year? I'm in a different school this year and I'm finding out a lot I didn't know would be expected. There is actually a whole packet of things to to in order to get "checked out" before summer. One thing I thought was unusual was that we have to hand in our grade books. It would have been nice to know this back in August. I have been teaching for a while and this has never come up. I'm teaching 2nd grade and we only give 1s and 2s. Plus I went out and bought my own because the small one I was given didn't work for me. I'm not sure on all the other things. I know I have to write up a paper on what I accomplished the year and what my goals for next year will be. I have to return everything about a week and a half before school is over including books. I have to talk to adminsitration for my final evaluation. There are also two room checks of some sort. I was told Cum folders would be "fun". Then there are articulation forms for next year's placement of students. The list keeps going and going. Oh yeah, but I "have the whole summer off, right?" Nope its down to less than 2 months total. I get to continue staff development classes to renew my license. Is your school this complicated at the end of the year?


In a word

YES :) Everything you listed. We aren't close to the end yet, but when we get ours, I'll bet I can post even more!!! And I teach summer school and will have to do it all again = only for that there is even MORE. I have to write a "starfish" story - you know that story where you "save just one" and write about at least one success story from summer school. Oh brother. I can hardly wait!


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grade books

You've never had to hand in your grade book?

That's ALWAYS on the list. In my first school, we actually had to sit down with the counselor as she went over it with us--making sure it was in order and finding out what all our symbols meant in case there was a question about grades during the summer. We had to comb through it during the last couple weeks of school making sure that we had all the dates of withdrawals and transfers marked in it.

My last school did the "throw it in the box" method. I'm in a new school now and actually have to turn in a copy of the grades for each grading period to my department head so she and the principal can go over it (and a breakdown of passes and failures by class, ethnicity and social economics.) Now THAT'S excessive.


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End of the Year Procedures

The procedures we have for the end of the year started this week...the first week back from spring break. AND, our last day of school is June 15th. Yes, we do all the same things you are required to do. A lot of it may seem silly, but if everyone does their part, (ie. filling out forms on this years' students for next year's teachers), then everyone reaps the benefits. I teach third grade and the sheets I use for "grades" are put into the lesson plan book and handed in. Good luck to whomever decides to decipher my method of grades. :-) (The letters we used for grading are CD, P, N for Consistently Displayed, Progressing and Not Yet Evident). As far as taking classes to recertify your license, this happens in most jobs. Of course, I have been with the same district for 19 years and so I can start to organize myself and then meet the deadlines. Don't panic. All will get done...and until then, TRY to keep teaching, find some child in your class that brings a smile to you and then remember why it is you got into teaching in the first place.


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Oh no,

I had almost forgotten about all of that nonsense until your post. We have 4 weeks left - the list will be coming soon. I have to:
Do a furniture inventory
Book inventory of all teaching materials down to the last CD
Turn in grade book, conference forms, report card slips, correspondence with parents,
plan book
first aid book (where is that darned thing?)
Summer maintenance request (even if I don't need it I have to turn one in)
Supply order for next year
Text book inventory
Finish IPDP with principal
CST meetings ONCE AGIN!
Test kids reading levels based on their next school's system
(even though they will then call and say "Johnny scored a _ on the standardized test, wheere do you really think he belongs?" DUH - Just ask me to begin with!)
Finalize AIPs, IEPs, and any other "P" that applies.
Fill out cards coding each kids special needs, programs, and behavior for next school. Gee, wish last year's teacher had done that for ME!
Clean my room
Stack my furniture
Label EVERYTHING that I ever want to see again
Box kids papers seperately for writing, reading, math evne though no one will ever look at them again
and the list continues but I'm too warn out to go on...

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Yes, we've got a WHOLE list of items that much be completed before we leave for the summer. Here's what I can remember right off the top of my head . . .

Turn in teacher's handbook.
Turn in plan book.
Turn in grade book.
Turn in professional growth goals/progress from current year/new for next year.
Turn in door keys.
Turn in list of what needs to be fixed in your room.
Turn in "wish list" and supply lists for next year.
Turn in textbook list.
Get as many items as possible off the floor (into closets/cabinets) for ease of summer cleaning. Remove posters if it's a painting year.
Turn in the checklist of all the stuff that you have to do before you leave.

I think there's more!


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What's going to happen?

If you are in a public school turn in what you can. I have been at the same school for 13+ years. We have to turn in all the above plus lesson plans, place the cumes in appropriate next grade classes and apply pictures to them etc. I have misplaced some thingS every year. They have never withheald my check or not let me teach the next year. I stree out all fouth quarter and I am not going to stress out the last day of school!
The worst was when my principal called me to ask when that week I was able to come in to fully empty my classroom aquarium. I even moved a classroom while on maternity leave.


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I guess I'm luckY!

We have never had to turn in anything other than final grades and file the final report card copy in the kids' cumulative file. That's it! Oh, and clean our room. Some teachers are out of there about 20 minutes after the last kid leaves since they are down to bear bones the last few days. I had all the kids' work on the walls so it didn't look bare, and then the last day they took everything home. Of course, we have really crummy leadership and I would welcome some changes. Many teachers are on cruise control and do what they want with no accountability at all.


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End of the year

At the end of my first year of teaching, I was so overwhelmed with all of the things we had to do. It was pretty much everything you've listed, except the paper describing accomplishments/goals. Grade books, furniture inventory, book inventories, book list for the following year, repair requests, and a bunch of other forms were all turned in, along with our key, and our room was inspected before we could leave.

I'm now at a new school, and I'm not sure what our policies will be, but I'm just assuming I'll have to turn it all in again.


How about this!

We have almost everything that you mentioned, but this year we have the heartwarming task of packing everything up and moving it all home or to the gym. We are getting air conditioning and floor tile this summer so we all have to pack up as if we are moving classrooms. It should be a blast! Oh, did I mention that we are not supposed to pack anything until the last day of school because the kids would get the idea that it's all over. Hello! It is! We'll get paid 16 hours for packing and moving so that is on the bright side. I can't help being a little negative though considering this 16 hours will include Saturday and Sunday. Next year that air conditioning better feel darn good!


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1 page and done!

Our one page list included:

computers off and covered with paper or sheets
all library materials handed in
all k-2 literacy folders handed in
cum. folders completed and turned in
all 4th quarter data turned in
desks & chairs clean and stacked
reciept book reconciled and turned in
health alerts turned in
attendance excuses tallied and turned in
classroom supply order completed and turned in
text book count turned in
IGP/Summative Eval. signed and turned in

Thats almost all of it I think. Each item had a spot to be initialed by the person "in charge" of the info. What a pain in the #$%# But it looks like I had it "easy" - NEVER turn in grade book (we're a k-2 school, grades aren't an issue)... actually just tossed 3 grade books from previous years when I moved classrooms last week...

Its over now anyway!!!