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end of year survey


Senior Member
Do any of you send a survey to your Title parents at the end of the school year to get their feedback about your program? I would like to but I'm not sure how detailed it needs to be. If you have any ideas about what to include, I would be so grateful. Thanks!


Senior Member
Our district has in the past, but not the last couple of years. The questions were something like: how many years child has been in Title I, if the teacher shared information about the child's progress with parent, if the program was helpful to the child. There is a place for parents to write comments at the bottom. One time I got blasted by a parent I'd never met, and he was venting about something the classroom teacher did, not me. I felt a better survey would include additional questions such as if the parent took advantage of parent-teacher conferences and parent night activities, if the parent read to the child regularly at home, etc, but my suggestions were too specific I guess, the director didn't incorporate them. I thought if a parent said the program wasn't helpful, we would need to know if the parent expected us to do it all and watched us fail, or what.