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Ending Sounds

Ms. G

New Member
Hi All,

This week we have to start ending sounds for the first time.

I was wondering if anyone out there had any fun little 5 minute type activities..

We work out of the Houghton Mifflin curriculum, and we are required to do certain things, I was just looking to suppliment it. My students are so sick and tired of putting the picture card underneath the correct letter.

Ms. G.


Junior Member
beginning, middle, end

We do a short activity where I say a word and then give one sound at a time. The students have to show me if that sound was at the beginning of the word by placing their hands on their heads; in the middle, by placing their hands on their stomach; or at the end by touching their toes.


Full Member
Same with pom poms

I have a similar activity with beginning, middle, and end. You use pom poms and hold them up over head for beiginning, on your hips ofr middle, and at feet for end. This can also be used with handwriting to remember/practice letters that touch top line, middle line, or below bottom.