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Enough is Enough!!!!! (long)



I work at a really small school that is part of a larger group of schools. For some reason our campus has the reputation of needing a lot of help organizing and managining ourselves and our students. I'm not sure where this idea came from but it is so far from the truth it is laughable. Our campus blew the other campuses out of the water on the state tests and our parents are super happy and work hard to make our campus a sucess. Everyone who teaches there has a high level of competency and experience. Our campus is in a very urban area and is really diverse in its population. The other campuses are in suburban and rural areas and are mostly white upper middle class.

Anyway, it was decided by the powers-that-be that we should have a mentor campus. I thought it really wouldn't affect me because I am the only teacher at my grade level, I've been at the school since it opened, I have 15 years experince and have had highly sucessful classes since the school opened and the parents love me. Boy was I wrong!

Today I found out that I will be observed by a teacher from our mentor campus. That would be fine if this person didn't only have 2 years of teaching under her belt. I know she was chosen because she is also the only teacher teaching that grade level at her campus. However, it is not at all ok that this person is going to come in and critique my teaching. She is not, in anyway, qualified to do so and I will not let it happen. If I have to take a sick day, I will!

Thanks for listening!


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Don't sweat it!

I know it's easier said than done. Our school was in the same situation last year (mentor school) and I was a first year teacher. They had to come to our school to observe, and then we had to go to their school and observe. Your counterpart at the other school is probably just as uncomfortable with this situation as you are.

When they came to our school, they had a checklist of things they were looking for (student work on walls, literacy centers, guided reading groups, word wall, etc.) That list was made up by our school as evidences of good instruction. They just came through the classroom and checked off what they saw, then met with our leadership team. All in all, it was relatively painless.


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It'll be okay

I know it sounds dumb to be mentored when everything is going well at your school. I personally have never been through it, but as a younger teacher, I know I would feel awkward having to observe someone who's been teaching for 15 years. I'm sure the 2-year teacher feels the same way, yet she has no choice. Hopefully they give guidelines as to what should be observed/mentored. However, any teacher - 2 years or 20 - may be able to give you some insight. It never hurts to have an extra pair of eyes to help you. Try to see it as a learning experience - both for you and the other teacher (I'm sure she'll learn from watching you).



Frankly, I wouldn't want to observe you if I was that 2nd year teacher! Take a look at the whole picture here. This person 'had' to be the one to observe you do to being the only teacher at that grade level-sounds like she has no choice. Why don't you turn it around and show her your wonderful classroom (with your 15 yrs experience) and give her something to aspire to be? Wouldn't you be shocked and mildly embarassed if she wrote you up the best critique you have ever read? Or what happened if you two hit it off and became best friends? Ok, so maybe that won't happen but we can always learn something from old and young alike!