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envisions vent


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Our district said they were going to order envisions in the form that the pages were already torn out. Now, they are telling us that the publisher isn't making them that way this year. They are giving us those huge books that first graders would have a very hard time tearing out or keeeping the books in their desks. I spent half of last summer tearing out pages and I refuse to do it again. I think the thing that makes me so mad is, the publisher has to know that they are NOT kid friendly books, so WHY do they make them that way, which tells me they do NOT value teachers time. I hope somebody from the publishing company is reading this.
I may or may not have parent volunteers available to do this. IF there are not volunteers, I just might not be using the books this year.
This is my rant for today, I hope I'm over it. Does anyone else feel this same way?
Also, please let me know if your district is getting the presorted pages this year. I would like to know if we are being told the truth or just that the district is ordering what is cheapest.


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Noooooo! We've always gotten the prepackaged pages...I will be so upset if this is true for us,too...Those books are GIANT....<!--grumpy-->I will let you know what happens with us.


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We are starting enVisions next year. Our supplies/kits were delivered near the end of the school year. I saw those huge tablets in the storage room. We immediately talked to our principal because in a short training we were told we were getting the folding ones. Our principal told us not to worry that they sent the wrong ones and would be sending new ones. The huge ones were gone from the storage area so we'll see what happens. There will be a lot of mad girls if this is true :(

For people who have/had the folded ones... Did you take them apart and sort them??? How did you store those??


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We were told the tablets were cheaper. They still make the folding papers, we already got ours for this year. You don't need to take them apart, they are prepackaged by topic number so you just need to open one topic at a time. The others can be kept in a book shelf or even still in the box in a closet.

Mrs R-Ski

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We just copy ours. It was cheaper to buy paper and ink than the book. Plus if you only want to use one side of the page, you don't have to worry about saving it or doing more than you wanted.

However, can you take the booklets to Kinkos and have them cut off the bindings?


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Ew! We are adopting Envisions this year too and I would be very upset if I had to have those huge books too! We are supposed to get the other style, so I hope that is what we get. I am moving to a brand new building this year and it doesn't open until next week, so I don't know if it's been delivered or not. In my past experience, we usually get newly adopted material the week before school starts, so that will be at least 2 more weeks.

If you do have to deal with the books, I would check and see if you can get some parent helpers to tear out all the pages and store them in hanging files. I did that when I taught 1st grade with regular workbooks, because 1st graders have such a hard time tearing out the pages and I didn't want to waste time with taping ripped pages. I just keep each unit in a hanging file and pulled them out as needed.


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I think it is just the principle of the thing. I went to the scot foresman website and the prepackage bundles are on there and they are only like a dollar more than the consumable ones. I think this is just another one of those examples where teachers are not valued and have ablsolutley no voice at all. Either that or the big wigs up there doing all the ordering Have NO Clue what they are doing. I wish i could say to them, you come tear the pages out!!


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"I think the thing that makes me so mad is, the publisher has to know that they are NOT kid friendly books, so WHY do they make them that way, which tells me they do NOT value teachers time."

AMEN!! We have those same giant books. I spend about an hour each week tearing those things out. I hate them. Sometimes i just copy pages of our old math series just so I won't have to tear those things out. I can't even rip them out straight, much less my first graders! Let us know if you find another solution. I'm curious to know, as well.


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The pages don't even have preforations, it is glue. Plus when you fold them they don't even fold right, some of the pages are backwards. I guess they want me to teach kids how to tear and fold pages instead of MATH.
Can ya'll tell I am still venting about this.