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EOS lip balm?


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I have seen people using this for a while (you know, the balm that comes in a little round thing) and people swearing by it. About a week ago, I saw some on sale at Walgreens and thought I'd get the 2-pack. Gave one to my daughter and one to me. I've been using it and I'm not impressed. I feel like my lips get drier faster than they do with regular old (less expensive) chapstick. The ball thing is cute and kind of cool, but also doesn't fit as nicely into my purse LOL and I can put on chapstick with one hand, but I need both hands for this (to unscrew it. Yeah, that's a weird thing to add, but I had no idea I often put on chapstick with one hand until I was trying it with this thing. The "flavor" I have is nice, though.

EOS lip balm fans out there? I'm curious what I'm missing here! :rolleyes:

eta: I just googled it and there are some crazy rash stories out there dating back at least 5 years. Buzzfeed says there's a class action lawsuit. https://www.buzzfeed.com/augustafal...ergic-reaction?utm_term=.uu10vwnN5#.buaK86eZx. I know, such a stellar source...
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I am definitely not a fan. It feels like a weird coating on the top of my lips and under the coating my lips feel dry. I do not understand the hype surrounding eos balm. I prefer the lip balm sold at Trader Joe's.

Beach Glass

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Lip Balm

I agree - my lips were lots drier using EOS.

Used Bert's Bees Honey for a long time, but tried the tinted balm - the kind in the usual balm kind of tube (not the skinny, more lipstick-y tube). The tinted balm tended to dry my lips out, too.

I've totally switched to the Neutrogena lip balm. Kinder to my lips and has a sunscreen too.


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I'm not a fan either. It seems more for kids or teens. It's definitely not the best quality balm and the round format isn't the easiest to handle so not ergonomically the best either and as they wear down, I don't know how one can precisely apply it on your lips anymore.

I bought 2 just out of curiosity in a couple of nice scents probably a year ago now (maybe longer), but never really used them. Coincidentally, I just threw them out last night. They'll also get a funny texture if you don't use them for a long time.


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After developing an allergic reaction to lanolin, which is in nearly every lip/chapstick product, I switched to straight Vaseline 2 years ago. I buy a little lip sized tube of it. I am always surprised at how little I need it now! I used to put on chapstick once an hour or so; I use the Vaseline maybe 3 times a day and my lips stay moisturized!


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I did not care for it. I felt like not lips got a weird sort of sandpaper feel to them after using it. I never saw the appeal.

Ima Spedtcher

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I’m NOT a fan. I had a reaction to it. My lips burned and swelled up. I had gone running in Alaska and I just assumed my lips were wind burned so kept using the eos lip balm and my lips just kept getting worse. Finally after seeing the doctor it turned out it was the lip balm causing the problem. I am now scared to death of commercial lip balm and have been making my own.

My lips burn and itch just when I see the stuff in the store.


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I think I got one as a gift at an event

I attended awhile ago, but never did use it. I am a fan/addict of the old formula Blistex Berry lip gloss. It seems hard to find now. I will use the Carmex version if I must or the Bert's Bees type in a pinch. I wonder if I should just try KatieViolet's idea and switch to Vaseline if it is going to work better and it may not be needed so often. I think I probably use it way too often and it may have the opposite effect due to overuse? :(